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0:00:00 Introduction
Jimmy Breslin, journalist for The Daily News, basically says this is a film based on actual events from the summer of 1977.
0:00:55 "Shut that dog up!"
(Dog barking throughout scene). A pan of David Berkowitz's apartment. David is bouncing his head and body off a mattress on the floor while rhythmically, hysterically chanting, "Shut that dog up!" Close-up shot of table on which dice-like objects spell out "Son of Sam." (Only the back of Berkowitz is seen).
0:01:32 First On-Screen Murders
(Dog barking throughout scene). While sitting in a car, two attractive women discuss their plans for the following day. Berkowitz approaches the car and shoots both women. The driver collapses onto the car horn. (Berkowitz can only be seen from the shoulders down.)
0:02:11 Club Virgo
Vinny and Dionna arrive at Club Virgo. On the dance floor, they are scintillating.
0:03:48 Club Virgo Mirage
Jump-cut to the couple dancing in an empty Club Virgo. In this imaginary world they exist only for each other. (Throughout this scene, the film quality is grainy and saturated in a greenish hue.)
0:04:26 Return to Reality
Jump-cut to the "real" world where Vinny and Dionna are again surrounded by club-goers. (Film quality reverts to its original state.) The couple meet their friends at the club bar. Vinny asks Joey T for the current baseball score (first baseball reference). Dionna's cousin Chiara is at the bar. Chiara must go home. Vinny offers to escort her and then return. All toast the Yankees. Vinny and Chiara leave.
0:06:14 Someone is Watching
In a deserted neighborhood, Vinny and Chiara are having sex in his car. Obscured in the shadows, Berkowitz watches the two. Spotting Vinny and Chiara, a couple in another car startles them with the car horn. Vinny and Chiara promptly leave. Berkowitz's attention is now directed to this couple. He approaches the car, sets a note on the asphalt, and then shoots both occupants. Berkowitz flees the scene. There is a full moon.
0:08:14 ClubVirgo Revisited
Vinny returns to the club alone. Hungry, Dionna wants to leave.
0:09:02 The Drive Home
Vinny and Dionna speed through the night. Vinny kisses Dionna. Dionna senses Vinny's infidelity. She wants to know why Vinny was absent so long from the club. He lies. Vinny passes the street where he and Chiara were previously having sex. The police have taped-off the area. Vinny stops the car and approaches the crime-scene. As reality seeps into Vinny, he becomes ill. Dionna drives them home.
0:12:24 First "Block Shot"
Close-up of a child's building blocks. (Film quality is sharp and saturated with color). An unseen person finishes stacking the blocks to spell, "1,2,3,4,5,6,7,V,I,C,T,I,M,S."
0:12:31 Introducing Ritchie
Ritchie, a punk rocker, awakes in his bed to a radio voice detailing the previous night's murders. He ventures downstairs where his mother is embroiled in a poker game. An on-looker of the game, Ritchie's step-father mentions the killings.
0:14:13 "Dead End" Part One: The Guys
Gathered around a "Dead End" road sign, Vinny's friends peruse the newspaper. They are enthralled by details of the ".44-Caliber Killer" (Berkowitz). The men are convinced that the murderer must reside in their neighborhood and insist that Vinny's life is in jeopardy since he was present at yesterday's crime scene. Although the men jest, Vinny cannot shake this notion. Joey T gives Vinny a Quaalude to relax. Woodstock, an addict, approaches the group with a bag of lobsters. Woodstock needs a fix. He asks Joey T to trade the lobsters for some smack. Joey T begins pummeling Woodstock. Ritchie enters the scene and breaks up the altercation. Ritchie buys two dime bags from Joey T. This is the first time the men see Ritchie's new "look." They are dismayed.
0:18:52 "Dead End" Part Two: Introducing Ruby
(Same scene). Ruby arrives on the scene in a convertible. A man in an Izod shirt is dropping Ruby at home. They discuss the status of their relationship. Ruby is weary of being a sexual outlet for the man. This is all he desires from her. Ruby informs the man that she is no longer interested in him. As Ruby departs, the Izod man shouts racial epithets at her. Still gathered around the "Dead End" sign, Vinny and his friends overhear the slanderous remarks. They rush toward the scene . . . the Izod man speeds away. Although the men have just defended Ruby, they proceed to bombard her with sexual quips. Ruby spots Ritchie. She rushes over to him and compliments his new appearence. Ritchie tells Ruby about his band. Ruby leaves to visit with her father. Vinny asks to speak with Ritchie privately.
0:21:23 Sex and Religion
Vinny parks his car and rehashes the entire story of the past night's events. Vinny views his escaping death as an omen. He believes that God is telling him to become a faithful husband. However, Vinny thinks he is a sexual "deviant" and believes that he must not engage in "deviant" behavior with his wife, Dionna. Vinny confides that he is terrified that he will be the target of the next murder. Vinny thinks that the killer must have seen his license plate. Ritchie tells Vinny to introduce more interesting sex to his wife . . . or just divorce her.
0:23:44 The Restaurant: Part One
Vinny arrives at Dionna's workplace. She is a waitress at her father's restaurant. Vinny explains to Dionna that seeing the crime-scene sparked an epiphany. He expresses his love for Dionna and is "sorry of everything." Vinny wants Dionna to come home with him. She cannot leave work. Dionna enters the kitchen. Her father has prepared a meal for Vinny. Having seen the heavy television coverage of the recent murders, Dionna's father fears for her safety. Dionna leaves the kitchen and delivers dinner to several mafia men in the restaurant. She returns to the kitchen.
0:26:22 The Restaurant: Part Two
(Same scene). Two detectives approach the mafia men. Invited to partake of the feast, the detectives sit. It is revealed that one of the detectives was once an errand boy for Luigi (mafia man). The detectives entreat assistance in the capture of the ".44-Caliber Killer." Believing that the cops need to nab the killer in order to "look good," Luigi refuses to help. Luigi then reminds the detective of all the kindness he showed him as a child: he took the detective to baseball games and even got Mickey Mantle to sign the detective's baseball. (As Luigi reminisces, the film jump-cuts to these images. Film quality is washed out and grainy). A debate arises. The merits of Willie Mays versus Mickey Mantle are discussed. (During this debate, the film jump-cuts to the same boy holding a trading card entitled "Manager's Dream," which shows Mickey Mantle and Willie Mays together. Again, the film quality is washed-out and grainy.) Producing Berkowitz's letter from his jacket-pocket the detective begins reading. There is a voice over of Berkowitz . . .
0:30:11 The Letter
Jump-cut to a close-up of Berkowitz's lips as he voices the words of the letter. (Reads the contents of the letter throughout the following series of jump-cuts.) Jump-cut to Berkowitz writing the letter. Jump-cut to Berkowitz tossing furniture about his apartment while screaming, "Shut that dog up!" Jump-cut to black, Labrador retriever chained to a tree and barking incessantly. Jump-cut to Berkowitz tossing furniture again. Jump-cut to a silhouetted Berkowitz walking the street. Jump-cut to Berkowitz shooting two women as they sit talking on the steps to their home. Jump-cut to a close-up of a child's building blocks. The blocks spell, "B,E,E,L,Z,E,B,U,B" (00:31:08). Jump-cut to Berkowitz cramming a moth into the chamber of his revolver. Jump-cut to a boy crying out, "Help me!" Jump-cut to Berkowitz shooting a young girl carrying books. Jump-cut to detectives investigating the murder-scene. Jump-cut to an elderly woman scrubbing the murder victim's blood from the concrete. Jump-cut to a close-up shot of table on which dice-like objects spell out "Son of Sam" (00:32:18) (this is the second occurrence of this image). (At no time in this scene does the face of Berkowitz appear).
0:32:19 The Restaurant: Part Three
Berkowitz's voice-over ends, and the detective concludes the letter. The mafia men are astounded. Luigi agrees to assist in the apprehension of the ".44-Caliber Killer." Before the detectives can leave, one of the mafia men mentions the 1954 World Series (the film jump-cuts to actual black and white footage of Willie Mays catching the game winning ball). The mafia man teases that Mays "got lucky."
0:33:28 Ritchie Comes Home Too Early
Ritchie's mother and step-father are "making-out" on the living room couch. Ritchie's mother is topless when Ritchie enters the house. Embarrassed, Ritchie's mother rushes into the kitchen. Ritchie is mortified. Exhausted with his lack of privacy, the step-father demands Ritchie's house key and banishes him to live in the garage.
0:35:43 Newsbrief
A television newscaster announces that many brunettes, target of the ".44-Caliber Killer," are bleaching their hair blonde.
0:35:54 "Blonde Me"
Vinny works in a salon as a beautician. While Vinny trims Ruby's hair, a woman slides her phone number into his back pocket. After the woman leaves, Vinny disposes of the paper. Ruby is impressed with Vinny's new-found fidelity to Dionna. Ritchie enters the scene. Now displaced from home, Ritchie asks Vinny for twenty dollars to help him move. Ruby interjects . . . she thinks living in the garage could prove interesting. Vinny gives Ritchie a fifty for moving costs, but Ruby says she can transform the whole garage with that money. As a result of the killer's penchant for shooting brunettes, Ruby tells Vinny, "Blonde me."
0:35:54 Vinny's Lapse
Although the salon is closed, Vinny remains. He calls Dionna and tells her that a last-minute customer is the cause of his tardiness. Meanwhile, Vinny and Gloria (the owner) are stripped to their underclothes. As Vinny's liaison with Gloria commences, he is pestered by guilt. He stops. Although Vinny considers the morality of his behavior, he decides to have sex anyway.
0:38:44 Ruby Finds Respect
In Ritchie's newly decorated garage, a blond Ruby is smoking a joint. Ritchie tinkers with his guitar as the two talk. He is very tender toward Ruby. At a break in the conversation, Ruby attempts to have sex with Ritchie . . . but he stops her. Ruby tries to leave the garage, but Ritchie asks her to stay.
0:42:33 "Dead End" Reprise
Once again, Vinny's chums are gathered around the "Dead End" sign. With a reward on the killer's head, the men discuss how they would spend the money. Ritchie arrives on the scene. His unusual appearance frightens Joey T's daughter . . . Joey T tells the child not to look at him. "Bobby the Fairy" enters the scene. He purchases two dime bags from Joey T. Bobby directs a salacious remark to one of the men . . . the guy grabs Bobby's hand and extinguishes a cigarette on it. Bobby exits the scene. Ritchie asks Joey T for a ride to the subway. Irritated by Ritchie's appearance, Joey T refuses to help. Joey T exits the scene. Gathering around, the remaining men inform Ritchie that Ruby's only value is as a sex object. Ritchie defends his feelings for Ruby. Ritchie asks the men for a ride . . . all refuse. The men inform Ritchie that he is no longer welcome.
0:45:28 "Male World"
Wanting Ruby to see his act, Ritchie brings her to "Male World." On stage, Ritchie performs an erotic dance while Ruby watches from the wings. As Ritchie changes wardrobe, an audience member approaches him. The two find privacy behind a closed door. Jump-cut to Ritchie in his street clothes. He and Ruby are departing "Male World." Ritchie wants to take Ruby to a hotel . . . Ruby wants to doff her disco look first.
0:48:35 Vinny and Dionna Venture Out
Vinny and Dionna arrive at Club Virgo. Fearful of the ".44-Caliber Killer," the couple has avoided the club scene until this night. Virgo is almost empty . . . the city is crippled by terror. Ritchie and Dionna approach the dance floor. Ironically, the couple dance with steamy sensuality.
0:51:01 Newscaster Announces "Son of Sam" Letter
A television newscaster announces that Jimmy Breslin has received a letter from the ".44-Caliber Killer." Jump-cut to Berkowitz's apartment with voice-over of the newscaster reading the letter. Jump-cut to a close-up shot of table on which dice-like objects spell out "Son of Sam" (00:51:51) (third occurrence).
0:52:01 "Son of Sam" Letter Voiced by Berkowitz
Everyone in the city is reading the letter in The Daily News. (A series of jump-cuts follow with the letter voiced-over by Berkowitz). Jump-cut to Vinny and friends. Jump-cut to detectives. Jump-cut to Luigi. Jump-cut to club owners closing down their establishments in fear. Jump-cut to a couple "making-out" in a car. The police knock on the window and tell the couple to find a hotel room. Jump-cut to Berkowitz approaching a young woman . . . she escapes. Jump-cut to Vinny quietly sleeping. (Voice-over ends).
0:54:34 Vinny Wants to Escape the City
(Same scene.) Vinny bounds from his bed. Distraught, he cries out the bedroom window, "Come and get me!" Entangled in paranoia, Vinny firmly believes he will be the next victim. Desperate, Vinny wants to leave the city; however, Ruby cannot abandon her father's business. Ruby tells Vinny that they can make their own vacation in their apartment. As the two begin to make love, Ruby asks to keep the light on . . . Vinny is astonished. They have sex with the light on. Afterwards, Vinny rolls away from Ruby. She is confused.
0:58:57 Spike Lee as John Jefferies
Newscaster John Jefferies is interviewing detective Timothy Dowd. Jump-cut to Luigi and friends watching the newscast. As the interview progresses, Luigi and company are convinced that the police are clueless. Luigi concludes that he must apprehend the killer.
1:00:11 A Father's Request
Dionna's father's business is in jeopardy as a result of the ".44-Caliber Killer." He is forced to discharge a good waitress. Vinny enters the scene. He is coming from a Yankees game. Before Dionna and Vinny leave, Dionna's father gives her a blond wig for her protection. Dionna's father makes her promise to wear it.
1:01:29 Role-Playing with the Blond Wig
Dionna enters the bedroom wearing the blond wig and red lingerie. Vinny refers to Dionna as "Sheri." Dionna refers to Vinny as "Vincente." As Dionna becomes more aggressive, Vinny is initially pleased. Nonetheless, as the role-playing progresses, Vinny panics and stops Dionna. Vinny feels guilty for his "deviant" behavior. Dionna is hurt. Inevitably, Vinny explains that he just wants to have sex the "regular" way like "normal" people . . . Vinny turns off the light.
1:04:05 Pizza Time
At a pizza parlor, Vinny's friends are compiling a list of potential suspects. Woodstock postulates that the killer is Reggie Jackson (jump-cut to grainy, washed-out footage of Reggie Jackson with Woodstock doing voice-over). Woodstock's theory: Reggie's number is forty-four . . . and the killer uses a .44 caliber revolver. Woodstock nearly convinces the other men.
1:06:40 Berkowitz Exposed
A black Labrador, Harvey, is barking. Jump-cut to Berkowitz's apartment. Berkowitz has his head under his mattress to muffle the sound. Samuel Carr, the dog's owner, appears under Berkowitz's window. Carr tells Berkowitz to "leave his dog alone." Berkowitz leans out the window. This is the first time Berkowitz's face is shown (01:06:56.) Berkowitz politely requests that the dog be quieted . . . but Carr will not listen. Harvey continues barking. Jump-cut to a child's building blocks. The blocks spell, "K,I,L,L,T,H,E,'Dog'" (01:07:40). Jump-cut to Berkowitz leaning out the window. He shoots Harvey.
1:08:01 Visual Montage Set to "Baba O'Riley" by The Who
Ritchie opens his guitar case. Begins playing "Baba O'Riley" ("Baba O'Riley" as recorded by The Who begins to play. Song plays throughout the following series of jump-cuts.) Jump-cut to a couple "making out" in a car. Berkowitz shoots both occupants. Although the woman is dead, the man crawls out of the car and loses consciousness on the ground. Jump-cut to Ritchie playing "Baba O'Riley." Jump-cut to Ritchie performing at "Male World." Jump-cut to newscaster delivering information about the shootings. Jump-cut to Ritchie buying a Fender Stratocaster. Jump-cut to Ritchie prostituting himself at "Male World." Jump-cut to Woodstock shooting up . . . his arms are scarred with needle tracks. Jump-cut to Joey T standing by the "Dead End" sign. He is smoking two joints. Jump-cut to Vinny and Ritchie at a Yankees game. Vinny is cheering Reggie Jackson. Jump-cut to "Bobby the Fairy" relaxing in a chair . . . enjoying the sunshine. Jump-cut to Ritchie's step-father playing air-guitar for Ruby and Ritchie. Jump-cut to Samuel Carr petting Harvey. Jump-cut to "Bobby the Fairy." He has been badly beaten. Vinny's friends are irate and seeking revenge on Bobby's assailants. Jump-cut to Vinny praying to the Virgin Mary. Jump-cut to Ruby and Ritchie kissing in a mosh-pit.
1:12:01 Ritchie is Refused Service
Ritchie and Vinny relax at a diner. Two male customers stare at Ritchie. Meanwhile, Vinny inquires why Ritchie doesn't care that Ruby is the town "whore." Vinny tells Ritchie that he will never let them marry. Approaching Vinny and Ritchie, Chickie (the manager) says that he will not serve Ritchie. An altercation develops. Ritchie breaks a bottle over his head and licks the blood. Vinny assists Ritchie outside.
1:14:27 Ritchie Waxes Philosophical
Standing water-side, Vinny tells Ritchie that his appearance generates hostility. Ritchie attempts to explain his non-conformist stance . . . but Vinny is incapable of understanding.
1:16:06 Blackout
A newscaster reports a record-breaking heat-wave. Jump-cut to Dionna seeking relief in her father's walk-in refrigerator. Jump-cut to newscaster announcing electric shortages and "brown-outs." Jump-cut to Dionna in refrigerator. The lights flicker and then die. Dionna is terrified. Vinny and her father come to her aid. Jump-cut to a city in panic. At police headquarters, the telephones ring unendingly with the calls from nervous citizens. Jump-cut to Luigi. He instructs his men to take charge of the neighborhood during this crisis. Jump-cut to a blockade established by Luigi's men. No strangers are permitted in the neighborhood. As a car approaches the blockade, Luigi's men surround the vehicle. They demand to know the nature of the stranger's visit. Unable to speak English, the driver is torn from his vehicle. Jump-cut to John Jefferies (Spike Lee) reporting from the riots at 125th Street and Fifth Avenue. The city is crippled by rioting, looting, and general mayhem . Concerned for his personal safety, Jefferies signs off the air. Jump-cut to Luigi's men distributing Louisville Sluggers to the residents. They march down the street chanting "We'll get you 'Son of Sam.'" Jump-cut to Luigi throwing a massive block-party. There is nowhere for "Son of Sam" to hide in Luigi's neighborhood.
1:20:12 Dionna Asks Ruby's Advice
Ruby, Ritchie, Vinny, and Dionna are at a restaurant. Ruby and Ritchie announce that their band has a gig at C.B.G.B.'s. Vinny and Dionna promise to see the act. Jump-cut to Ruby and Dionna in the ladies room. Frightened of losing Vinny, Dionna asks Ruby for advice on how to sexually please her husband. Dionna expresses her awareness that Vinny has not been faithful in their marriage. Ruby consoles Dionna by telling her she's an attractive girl . . . but says that the real way to please a man is to be anybody but his wife.
1:23:04 Outside C.B.G.B.'s
Vinny and Dionna arrive at C.B.G.B.'s in the red convertible. Compared to the punk crowd, Vinny and Dionna are the height of glamour . . . and "disco." Dionna refuses to go inside. Vinny wants to support Ritchie by making an appearance, but Dionna refuses. Vinny acquiesces and asks Dionna where she would like to go. She says Studio 54. They leave.
1:24:32 Inside C.B.G.B.'s
Ruby and Ritchie's band are playing to a packed-crowd. Ruby is donning full punk regalia. The lead singer, Ruby borrows the words from Berkowitz's letter to Breslin as her lyrics. The audience loves it.
1:28:16 Outside 54
Vinny and Dionna arrive at 54. The line is infinite. Acting as though "they belong inside," Vinny and Dionna attempt to gain access to the club. They are denied by the doorman. A man exits the club, sees the couple, and exclaims, "First stars I've seen tonight." He takes their photo and asks them to join his party. Vinny and Dionna accept.
1:28:16 Inside Plato's Retreat
A car arrives with the mystery man and his entourage. Vinny and Dionna exit the car and follow the party into Plato's Retreat. Dionna is stoned and wants to return home. Vinny coerces Dionna into staying. Jump-cut to a homoerotic scene involving three women. Jump-cut to Vinny and Dionna "making out" on the couch. With the guests watching, Dionna is nervous. Vinny encourages her to "just close her eyes." Vinny has another woman begin touching Dionna. (The film now becomes grainy and saturated with a green hue.) Jump-cut to various debauchery in a pool. Jump-cut to Vinny having sex with several women. Jump-cut to Dionna having sex with a woman and a man. Jump-cut to Vinny watching Dionna in a menage a trois.
1:30:43 The Long Ride Home From Plato's Retreat
Vinny and Dionna are driving home in the convertible. After a stretch of uncomfortable silence, Vinny speaks. He is livid that Dionna had sex with another man. Dionna explains that she only participated for Vinny's sake. He doesn't believe her. Vinny calls Dionna a "lesbian whore." Vinny tries to throw her out of the car. Dionna informs Vinny that she knows about him having sex with her cousin Chiara. Vinny says she doesn't turn him on. As Vinny dashes out of the car to grab her, Dionna rushes to the driver's side and speeds away screaming, "I hope 'Son of Sam' kills you!"
1:34:33 One-Year Anniversary
A newscaster announces that the one-year anniversary of the first "Son of Sam" shooting has arrived. Jump-cut to detectives preparing for the fateful day. Jump-cut to women locking their doors and windows. The newscaster implores all viewers to be safe. It is a full moon. A dog is barking.
1:35:20 Keeping an Eye on Taxi Drivers and Priests
Vinny's friends have slashed the tires of a taxi-driver on their "suspect list." On this anniversary evening, they want to monitor his whereabouts. Jump-cut to Vinny's chums approaching a priest. The men want to know the priest's destination; furthermore, they explain that they must search the priest's person and car. The priest is astonished . . . but relents.
1:36:48 "Tomorrow is Another Day"
In the middle of the night, Vinny arrives at Dionna's father's home. He wants to speak with Dionna. Dionna's father answers the door and asks Vinny not to make a scene. He tells Vinny that, "Tomorrow is another day." Jump-cut to Dionna sitting on her bed and looking at a picture.
1:37:26 Harvey (A.K.A. Mr. Black Dog) Speaks
Close-up of Berkowitz's forehead. He is covered in beads of sweat. (Berkowitz begins voicing a letter he has written to the police.) Berkowitz explains that Satan has commanded a cult to slaughter girls of "good health and clean blood." Berkowitz begins punching holes through the dry-wall in his apartment. Adjacent to the hole, Berkowitz writes, "Hi, my name is Mr. Williams and I live in this hole. I have several children who I have turned into killers. Wait till they grow up." A dog begins barking in the background. Harvey enters Berkowitz's apartment. Horrified, Berkowitz asks the dog what he wants. The dog literally says, "I want you to go out and kill . . kill . . . kill." Berkowitz agrees to obey his master, "Mr. Black Dog."
1:39:05 Chickie Tells All
The detectives brief the other officers on yesterday's non-event. "Death-day" (the one-year anniversary) passed without incident. The detectives feel they are close to apprehending the killer. Jump-cut to Vinny and chums at Chickie's diner. The guys believe that they are close to capturing the killer. Chickie approaches the group and reminds Vinny that he is still banned from the restaurant. Vinny's friends are unaware of the previous evening's melee so, Chickie relays a highly embellished account. Chickie paints Ritchie as a psychopath. The men think Vinny is keeping secrets . . . they want to know why he is protecting Ritchie. Irritated, Vinny leaves. The men think that Ritchie has "brainwashed" Vinny.
1:41:30 Ritchie Gets Busted at "Male World"
A bodybuilder is dancing on stage at "Male World." Jump-cut to "Bobby the Fairy" talking to the manager. Bobby reveals that Ritchie has participated in pornographic films. Ritchie unknowingly enters the booth. Startled to see someone from his neighbor, Ritchie throws Bobby against the wall and tells him to never speak of this incident.
1:42:11 Building Block Reprise
Close-up of a child's building blocks. The blocks spell, "M,U,R,D,E,R" (Unlike previous instances, all block letters are red in color.)
1:42:21 The Parking Ticket
A detective approaches Berkowitz's parked car and issues him a ticket. Berkowitz is watching from the shadows with his gun drawn. The officer leaves. Berkowitz approaches the car. A girl rounds the corner. She is walking her dog. She is face-to-face with Berkowitz. Picking up the small (barking) dog, the girl runs for help. Although Berkowitz follows, she manages to gain entry into a home. Berkowitz returns to his car, plucks the ticket from the windshield, and drives away. Jump-cut to Berkowitz approaching a car. As the occupants cuddle, Berkowitz shoots both. (A voice-over of a baseball commentator announcing play-by-plays persists throughout the duration of this scene. Reggie Jackson is mentioned.)
1:44:42 John Jefferies in Brooklyn
A newscaster introduces a live, remote segment with John Jefferies. Jump-cut to John Jefferies in the "predominantly black neighborhood of Bedford-Stuyvesant." Jefferies is interviewing several African-Americans. One older woman declares, "I thank God it is a white man killing all those white people because if it were a black man there would be race riots."
1:46:29 Return to "Dead End"
Back at the "Dead End" sign, Vinny and cronies are hanging out. The men are convinced that Ritchie is the killer. Vinny defends Ritchie unflinchingly. Bobby informs Vinny of Ritchie's pornographic forays. Vinny is dumbfounded but still defends Ritchie. The men tell Vinny that Dionna might be Ritchie's next victim. With this said, Vinny agrees to help. Jump-cut to Vinny standing alone by the "Dead End" sign.
1:49:05 Return to C.B.G.B.'s
Joey T and friend are searching for Ritchie in C.B.G.B.'s. Jump-cut to Ruby and Ritchie walking to the club. Spotting Vinny, Ritchie decides to scare him with his new look (a blond Mohawk). Although Ritchie succeeds in startling Vinny, Vinny is not in a jovial mood. Vinny demands to know if Ritchie is a cult member. Vinny demands to know if Ritchie is "Son of Sam." Vinny demands to know if Ritchie is a homosexual. Awestruck, Ritchie inquires why Vinny cannot treat him like a friend. Vinny simply explains that Ritchie's appearance has led to these deductions. Ritchie refuses to continue the conversation and leaves with Ruby.
1:53:32 Joey T and the Punk Rocker
Joey T and company are leaving C.B.G.B.'s. On the street, a punk rocker stumbles into the two. They ask the punk rocker what baseball team he supports . . . the punk rocker replies, "The Boston Red Sox." Joey T and company beat the man to the ground with a garbage can.
1:54:26 The Police Sketch of "Son of Sam"
Luigi is examining the police sketch of "Son of Sam." Luigi finds a resemblance between this sketch and Matty from "The Grand Concourse." Luigi has Matty summoned to his home. Jump-cut to Joey T and Vinny. Focused on the same sketch, Joey T is now convinced that Ritchie is the killer. Vinny disagrees. Joey T informs Vinny that Ruby and Ritchie are now acting in pornographic films (with a voice over from Joey T, the film jump-cuts to the adult theater showing the Ruby and Ritchie's film). Joey T believes that Ritchie has a spell over Ruby. Joey T draws Ritchie's old hair-style on the police sketch. Vinny is now convinced.
1:56:04 Vinny Gets Fired
Vinny arrives at work drunk. Gloria asks Vinny to "pull himself together" in the bathroom. Vinny exclaims that he is the life-blood of the salon. This sparks a vicious argument. As Vinny storms out of the salon, Gloria follows. She tells him not to return.
1:58:12 Dionna Packs
Vinny arrives home to find Dionna packing her belongings. Gloria has told Dionna every detail of her affair with Vinny. Vinny apologizes profusely. He offers a large bouquet of roses to Dionna. Even Vinny's pleas cannot change Dionna's mind. Threatening to commit suicide, Vinny tells Dionna that she is all he has in life. Dionna explains that she can no longer trust Vinny. She leaves.
2:02:53 Joey T Arrives at Vinny's Apartment
Ruby and Ritchie are in his garage. She is undressing him. Jump-cut to Vinny snorting massive quantities of coke. Jump-cut to Joey T and cronies. They now believe that Ruby and Ritchie are in cahoots. The men are aware that Ritchie has altered his appearance. Jump-cut to Vinny (film quality is grainy with a greenish hue). Vinny's friends are calling-out to him from the street. Jump-cut to Ritchie and Ruby "making out" on his bed. Jump-cut to Joey T and friends at Vinny's door. Vinny is reluctant to admit the men inside . . . but relents. The men tell Vinny that Ritchie is the "Son of Sam." They plan to capture Ritchie and take him to Luigi. Vinny refuses to participate. Furious, Joey T sucker-punches Vinny. Vinny is instrumental in coaxing Ritchie out of his garage. Joey T tells Vinny that he will assist them . . . "or else."
2:06:57 Berkowitz is Apprehended
A newscaster announces the capture of "Son of Sam." Jump-cut to Berkowitz's mug-shot. Jump-cut to Ritchie's parents watching the news. Jump-cut to Berkowitz leaving his apartment. As he approaches his vehicle, Berkowitz is surrounded by police. When asked, Berkowitz freely admits that he is "Sam."
2:07:44 Prelude to an Ambush / The Angry Mob
John Jefferies is reporting from the police station where an angry mob has amassed. The mob is screaming, "Kill him!" Jump-cut to Vinny and Joey T arriving at Ritchie's home. Jump-cut to a police cruiser arriving at the station-house with Berkowitz in tow. Jump-cut to Joey T and company departing their vehicles. Jump-cut to a line of police cars. Jump-cut to Vinny approaching Ritchie's home. Jump-cut to a pan of the angry mob. Jump-cut to Dionna kneeling in church. Jump-cut to Berkowitz gazing out the police cruiser. Jump-cut to Vinny at Ritchie's garage door. Jump-cut to Berkowitz looking out the cruiser window again. Jump-cut to Ritchie and Ruby packing. Jump-cut to Berkowitz. Jump-cut to grainy, monochromatic footage of an angry mob. Jump-cut to Vinny asking Ritchie to open the door. Jump-cut to Berkowitz being escorted out of the cruiser. Jump-cut to Ritchie answering the door. Jump-cut to Berkowitz been led to the station. Jump-cut to Vinny asking Ruby if he can "borrow" Ritchie. Jump-cut to Berkowitz being led up a flight of stairs. Samuel Carr is present with Harvey. Harvey is barking at Berkowitz. Berkowitz stops and stares at Harvey. Jump-cut to Vinny informing Ritchie of his situation with Dionna. Jump-cut to Dionna in church. Jump-cut to Vinny asking to speak with Ritchie outside. Jump-cut to Berkowitz being led into the station house. Jump-cut to actual footage of the real Berkowitz being led into the police station.
2:11:01 The Assault
(Same scene.) Vinny has successfully led Ritchie outside. As Ritchie offers advice to Vinny, Vinny whispers for Ritchie to run. Ritchie can not hear him. The men ambush Ritchie. His guitar his only means of defense, Ritchie swings but is still tackled. Ruby rushes out. Vinny holds her back. The men beat Ritchie bloody. As they drag his nearly unconscious body down the street, Ritchie's step-father emerges from the house and fires a shot into the air. The men tell the step-father that Ritchie is "Son of Sam," and they are taking him to Luigi. The step-father explains that "Son of Sam" is in police custody. Ruby cradles Ritchie's head in her arms. An ambulance has been summoned. Ritchie asks Vinny why he would betray him. Vinny says he is sorry and walks away.
2:14:30 Back to Breslin
(Dog barking in background.) Breslin explains that the parking ticket was the key piece of evidence in the apprehension of Berkowitz. Breslin further explains that in the summer of 1977 The Yankees beat The Dodgers with the help of Reggie Jackson. Breslin is standing at the "Dead End" sign (02:15:51).
2:16:06 End Credits