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0:00:00 Chapter 1: "The Start"
0:00:00 Running to the Sounds of Sam Cooke
We hear an introduction for R&B singer Sam Cooke as we see Cassius Clay running through the streets of Louisville, Kentucky, on February 24, 1964. (0:01:01) Sam Cooke is shown giving a concert with a very intense and active crowd cheering for him. Clay continues to run to the sounds of Sam Cooke's live performance.
0:02:27 Liston Fight Flashbacks
Sam Cooke's performance continues, and Clay is shown in the middle of his training regimen in a local gym. Ali's flashbacks begin, and they are shown in-between shots of Clay training and the Sam Cooke concert. (0:02:46) There is a cut to Sonny Liston's fight with Floyd Patterson, and Liston is shown knocking out Patterson. Doctors come in the ring to check Patterson's heartbeat. (0:03:32) Liston verbally threatens Clay after the victory.
0:03:48 Childhood Questions
A series of flashbacks to Clay's childhood begin. First, Cassius is shown questioning his father's painting of Jesus. Next, young Cassius is seen walking to the back of the bus, only stopping shortly to glance at a newspaper picture of Emmitt Till.
0:05:01 Malcom's Sermon
Malcolm X is shown giving a speech about the nature of the Nation of Islam's racial justice movement. Cassius Clay is standing at the back wall listening.
0:06:51 "Bundini"
There is a flashback to the hiring of Cassius' motivational coach, "Bundini." "Bundini" begs for the job.
0:08:54 The Press Conference and Hand Taping
Clay is driven to the arena. (0:09:53) Clay begins to taunt Liston at a press conference, and Clay is questioned about his affiliation with Malcolm X and the Nation of Islam. (0:12:21) While Clay is being taped, Malcolm X comes into the training room to pray with Clay. Cassius Clay is introduced, and the fight begins.
0:15:19 Chapter 2: "Liston vs. Clay"
0:15:19 In the Ring
Liston begins to swing at a sidestepping Clay in round one, and Clay survives the next two rounds by moving in the ring. (0:19:03) Clay begins to play the role of the aggressor in round three and hurts Liston's eye. (0:21:24) It becomes apparent that Cassius' eye is hurt, and he can no longer see his opponent. Liston also becomes aware of Clay's vision problem and attacks viciously. (0:23:11) Round six begins, and Clay begins to attack and destroy Sonny Liston. (0:25:14) Liston spits out his mouthpiece, signifying that he is quitting the battle, and Clay officially wins the fight. Clay celebrates.
0:26:23 Movies with Malcolm X
The champion watches movies with Malcolm X's family and friends. Jim Brown comes into the living room and congratulates "Clay."
0:27:05 Chapter 3: "The People's Champ"
0:27:05 Press Conference and Announcement
Fans sprint toward the champ and Malcolm X. They are surrounded by press cameras and microphones. He is questioned by reporters and announces that his name is no longer "Mr. Clay." He is now "Cassius X," and he tells reporters how he will be a different champ than Joe Louis.
0:28:44 Chapter 4: "Ali and Malcolm X"
0:28:44 Malcolm Discloses His Suspension
Malcolm X visits Cassius X's hotel room. Malcolm announces that he is going to Africa and has been suspended by the Nation of Islam for speaking out against certain practices of the organization.
0:32:46 Chapter 5: "Elijah Muhammad"
0:32:46 Ali is Given a Name
The champion goes to meet with Elijah Muhammad, and Elijah Muhammad gives him a gift -- a name. The champ is given the name "Muhammad Ali."
0:33:52 Mr. Clay Rejects "Ali"
Ali tells his father about the name change. Mr. Clay is in disbelief and is greatly offended. There is a religious discussion until the father and son split apart.
0:34:47 Malcolm X is Warned
In Malcolm X's home, the phone rings, and Malcolm X finds out about Cassius X's new name. Malcolm X is also given an "indefinite" suspension.
0:36:06 Malcolm is Watched
In an abandoned apartment, intelligence screens Malcolm X's phone call to his wife.
0:36:46 Ali on the Plane
Ali walks to the front of the cockpit of a plane and meets a black pilot.
0:36:46 Riding Through the Streets
Ali is greeted by screaming fans throughout a city in Africa. He is paraded throughout the town in a convertible car.
0:37:20 Chapter 6: "First Time in Africa"
0:39:02 Ali Rejects Malcolm X
Ali is recognized by Malcolm X, and Malcolm X tries to have a conversation with the champion. The greeting is friendly at first, and Malcolm X introduces Ali to numerous famous people. (0:39:46) The camera cuts to a hotel room where intelligence agents watch Malcolm X and Muhammad Ali's conversation through binoculars. (0:40:00) The camera goes back to Ali and Malcolm X's conversation, and Ali breaks off Malcolm X's dialogue by scolding him. Malcolm X is offended, but Ali turns and walks away.
0:41:11 Chapter 7: "Sonji"
0:41:11 Ali Meets Future Wife
Ali meets Sonji in a nightclub, and they begin a conversation. The music in the nightclub continues as they go upstairs (0:45:14) and have sexual relations. (0:45:34) Ali asks her about religion and eventually asks her to marry him.
0:46:56 Herbert Advises Against Marrying Sonji
Herbert Muhammad, a sort of advisor to Ali, strongly objects to Ali marrying Sonji, but "Bundini" understands Ali's position. Also, Ali hires his brother as his photographer.
0:48:10 Training Again
Ali is shown training in a gym, but, in the background, Malcolm X is shown in a press conference interview.
0:48:25 Chapter 8: "Joe Smiley"
0:48:25 Intelligence and the Nation of Islam
A man who clearly works for some form of intelligence agency meets with another agent who is posing to be a black Muslim. The first intelligence agent makes it clear that Malcolm X, becoming an even more visible public figure during his suspension, needs to be taken back into the Nation of Islam or killed.
0:49:34 Muhammad's Home
Ali and his family and advisors are getting ready for some event. "Bundini" and Mr. Clay are having a couple of drinks, and Sonji begins a protest about Muslim life. (0:51:07) Sonji and Ali go to the bedroom. (0:51:30) Ali leaves the room and begins to drive his car.
0:51:42 Chapter 9: "They Shot Malcolm"
0:51:42 Malcolm's Final Speech
Malcolm X is seen walking down a hallway en-route to a speech. (0:52:13) He begins his speech, and Ali is shown driving (0:52:32) while Malcolm X gives the speech. (0:52:49) Malcolm X is shot about seven times. (0:53:33) Ali is told about Malcolm's death by a man running frantically in the street. (0:54:17) Malcolm X's dead body is being undressed for preparation of body removal. (0:54:31) Ali is shown crying in the car, and people in the street also cry.
0:55:18 Howard Cosell Gives Conditions of Fight
ABC Sports announcer Howard Cosell tells of the conditions of the fight. Ali is fighting Sonny Liston again. (0:58:01) Ali notices his wife Sonji entering the stands. Ali then begins his Muslim prayer before the fight.
0:56:18 Chapter 10: "Ali vs. Liston II"
0:56:18 The Second Fight
The fight begins, and Ali knocks out Liston (0:56:42) within seconds of the opening of the fight. (0:57:17) The referee ends the fight, and Ali wins.
0:57:25 Ali is Upset with Sonji
Ali is in the training room going through post-fight glove removal, and his wife Sonji appears. He is upset with her style of dress and hairstyle, and she runs away.
0:58:42 Divorce Arrangements
Ali walks into a hotel swarmed by reporters. He asks Herbert how to obtain a divorce. Ali's father storms in the room and scolds him. (0:59:42) Ali goes into his private hotel room, grabs Sonji's shirt, and thinks.
1:00:29 ABC Wide World of Sports Make-Up Room
While a make-up artist works on Ali's face, he is notified by a stranger that he has been drafted. He also receives a phone call concerning the draft. Ali leaves and goes on-air.
1:01:17 Chapter 11: "Wide World of Sports"
1:01:17 Ali and Cosell
Ali begins an interview with Cosell by talking about flunking the draft board test. They have a comedic verbal battle on air. (1:02:30) The two go backstage and have a serious talk. Cosell informs Ali about the draft board; Cosell claims they are after Ali because of a fear of "black militancy in the inner cities."
1:02:59 Ali and Lawyers
Ali meets with his lawyers before going to the draft board induction.
1:03:34 Chapter 12: "War Comes Home"
1:03:34 Draft Board
Ali is one of many young men in a military draft board ceremony, and he refuses induction into the Army. He is immediately arrested.
1:05:19 Reporters and Wrong Answers
Ali is swarmed by reporters and phone calls. He answers a phone call and answers questions on his own.
1:07:05 No Fights Available
Ali's advisors inform him that he probably will not be able to get a fight and that he will probably lose his title.
1:07:52 Boxing Commission
Ali is questioned by the boxing commission about his remarks and decision on the draft. He walks out of the room after refusing to apologize. (1:08:40) Ali begins a tirade about the Vietnam war and African American freedom in America.
1:09:19 Fight Press Conference
Ali hits Ernie Terrell at the press conference because Terrell calls him "Clay." Ali vows to beat Terrell in quick fashion.
1:09:54 Chapter 13: "Ali vs. Terrell"
1:09:54 The Fight
Ali pummels Terrell while taunting him.
1:11:25 Chapter 14: "The Sentence"
1:11:25 The Courtroom
Ali is found guilty of resisting the draft, and Ali asks for immediate sentencing. The judge sentences Ali for the maximum punishment and suspends his passport.
1:12:38 Long Walk in Snow
Ali walks in the snow by himself at night.
1:12:54 Chapter 15: "Belinda"
1:12:54 Thinking of Belinda
Ali has a flashback of meeting a woman in a bakery. (1:14:08) Ali continues to walk in the snow. (1:14:13) Ali is married to the woman that he meets in the bakery. (1:14:46) Ali is seen again walking through the snow at night.
1:14:58 Chapter 16: "Exile in Chicago"
1:14:58 Ali Stops to See His Lawyer
Ali is informed that his case will be going to the U.S. Court of Appeals. His lawyer suggests that he start a restaurant business to salvage his money. (1:17:08) Ali exits and jokes with some fans.
1:17:34 Bedroom with Belinda and Child
Ali and his wife, Belinda, are in the bedroom having a conversation. Their infant starts to cry.
1:19:00 Pictures of Vietnam
The television screen shows pictures of Vietnam protesters in action. (1:19:14) Ali's brother is seen watching the television screen while Ali gives a live speech. (1:19:24) Ali finishes his speech and asks about the situation on the television. The protest on the television screen is shown again, and Ali watches.
1:19:39 "What if we Lose at the Supreme Court?"
Ali's lawyer calls and informs the ex-champion that the case was lost in the U.S. Court of Appeals. The final option is the Supreme Court. (1:20:36) The camera stays with Ali's lawyer, and as he attempts to dial another phone number, a gunshot is heard. (1:20:45) Martin Luther King, Jr. is shown dead a on a balcony.
1:20:52 Training at Night
Ali is shown training with a city plagued with fire and apparently riots, in the background.
1:21:28 The Ali Home
Ali is at home with his immediate family and brother watching a boxing match involving Joe Frazier. Ali's brother informs him that "Bundini" is in bad condition and advises Ali to get his belt back. Belinda asks Ali to put new people around him if another fight is to occur. (1:22:43) After the fight on television, Howard Cosell interviews Joe Frazier. (1:22:51) Muhammad Ali calls and says he is still the champion.
1:23:47 Training Again
Ali is shown training in the gym by himself.
1:23:56 Mr. Ali Has Sporting Blood
During a black Muslim meeting, it is announced that Ali is suspended from the Muslim religion due to his extensive involvement in boxing.
1:24:25 "Bundini" Needs Help
Bundini calls for Ali, and Ali shows up to a dirty room. "Bundini" is strung out on drugs and depressed. "Bundini" tells Ali that he has sold Ali's title belt for $500 for drug money. "Bundini" asks to be taken back.
1:27:13 Train Ride
Ali is shown on a subway train sitting by himself and refuses to answer calls from fans.
1:28:14 Another Meeting with Cosell
Ali meets with Cosell at a football stadium. They meet privately.
1:29:05 Chapter 17: "Historical and Momentous Moment"
1:29:05 Wide World of Sports Again
Ali and Cosell talk on-air. Ali says he refuses to fight Frazier until the court battle is done. Ali intensifies the rivalry by reciting a poem about knocking Frazier out of the ring -- literally. (1:31:09) The interview ends, and Cosell and Ali begin to talk informally.
1:31:24 Chapter 18: "Joe Frazier"
1:31:24 Riding with Frazier
Ali goes to Philadelphia and gets a ride with Joe Frazier. Ali requests a fight, and Frazier eventually agrees. Frazier offers to help Ali out financially.
1:33:22 Training for the Next Fight
Ali practices for the next fight, and "Bundini" shows up and ask to come back ringside. Ali accepts.
1:34:50 Chapter 19: "Ali vs. Quarry"
1:34:50 The Fight
Ali abuses Quarry in the ring behind cheering fans. Quarry is left bloody, and the fight is stopped. Fans cheer Ali's name.
1:37:06 Post Fight
Herbert and other black Muslims enter the room and inform Ali that his Muslim suspension has been lifted. Ali is angered, but he allows Herbert to make the Frazier deal.
1:39:24 Chapter 20: "Supreme Court Ruling"
1:39:24 Good News
Cosell calls Ali during dinner to tell him that the Supreme Court ruled in unanimously in his favor, and Ali tells his family.
1:41:21 Chapter 21: "Ali vs. Frazier II"
1:41:21 The Introduction and Fight
The boxers are introduced, and the fight begins. Ali is immediately stunned and soon knocked out. Ali is beaten.
1:45:15 Interviews
Ali is interviewed by reporters, and Ali says he will fight Frazier again.
1:45:47 Frazier is Knocked Out
Ali watches at home as Frazier is beaten by George Foreman.
1:46:47 Chapter 22: "Don King, Promoter"
1:46:47 Announcing the Rumble in the Jungle
Don King announces the "Rumble in the Jungle" in Zaire.
1:47:42 Chapter 23: "Welcome to Zaire"
1:47:42 Ali's Name is Chanted by the Citizens of Zaire
Ali walks around and is amazed by the people chanting his name and dancing.
1:49:01 George Foreman Killing the Bag
George Foreman abuses his punching bag -- and the trainer that is holding it -- before Ali enters (1:49::36). He begins to announce himself to the reporters. Reporters question Ali's ability to fight Foreman.
1:50:05 Ali in the Hotel Room
Ali is shown drinking coffee in his hotel room.
1:50:14 Chapter 24: "Road Work"
1:50:14 Ali Runs with Fans
Ali jogs the countryside and is immediately joined by young fans. The fans lead him to a mural of him bashing an opponent.
1:55:29 Belinda is Concerned
In Ali's hotel room, Belinda expresses her concern about Ali's ability to fight Foreman. Belinda angrily says she is going back to Chicago to look after their daughter.
1:58:09 Press Conference and Jokes
Ali says Foreman is too slow to fight him, and Cosell asks some questions.
1:59:44 Chapter 25: "George Had an Accident"
1:59:44 On Site of the Fight
Don King tells Ali that Foreman was cut in the eye during training. King wants to postpone the fight. Meanwhile, Ali is distracted by a lady that is in the stadium.
2:02:28 The Announcement of Foreman's Injury
King announces Foreman's injury to the press. Ali uses the opportunity to confront King on a couple of matters.
2:04:28 Chapter 26: "Veronica"
2:04:28 Ali Meets Veronica
Ali takes a walk with Veronica, and they begin an affair.
2:06:45 Ali and Foreman Train in Ring
Ali trains to the sound of drums. Foreman is also shown training.
2:09:25 Belinda Returns
Belinda, wise to Ali's affair, confronts him. She hints that Ali has had other casual affairs. Ali leaves the room, and Ali's brother takes care of her.
2:11:37 Thinking in the Shower
Ali is shown in the shower with his head down, and he is massaging his hands.
2:12:05 Zaire's Leaders
The President of Zaire meets with a Swiss banker.
2:12:48 Herbert and Don King
King and Herbert discuss issues in a restaurant, but they are in the back room as if discussing something secret or private. They end by shaking hands and smiling.
2:13:04 Stadium Entrance
Ali begins his trip to the stadium and enters the field and ring while people cheer wildly. Foreman delays entrance but appears eventually (2:15:41). The announcements begin in the native language, and Ali talks over the fight instructions.
2:18:06 Chapter 27: "Rumble in the Jungle"
2:18:06 The Fight
Ali begins by dodging Foreman's brutal swings and begins to stay on the ropes. Ali's trainers advise him in between rounds against "hugging" the rope, but Ali does not take their advice.
2:26:15 Chapter 28: "Winner by a Knockout"
After rounds of staying on the ropes, Ali attacks, stuns Foreman with a right blow, and knocks him out (2:28:02). Foreman does not get up. Ali is rushed by press and media, and Don King also approaches him after the fight. Ali says something to Don King that makes him retreat. It rains, and Ali raises his hands toward the stands.