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0:08:28 Washington D.C., 1980, Democratic Platform Committee Meeting
Bill Kraus: Fellow members of the Platform Committee meeting, I am Bill Kraus, liason between Congressman Phillip Burton and the gay community of San Francisco. The Gay Rights plank I am asking to be included does not ask for special privileges, it does not ask anyone to like us, it doesn't even ask the democratic party give us many of the legal protections which are considered the right of all other Americans. What this amendment asks is that the Democratic Party recognize that we, the gay people of this country are also…human.
0:10:24 Centers for Disease Control, Atlanta
Dr. Guinan: I just got this in the mail from our man in LA, Dr. Shindaroh, who got it from a Dr. Gotleib. I think you ought to take a look at it right away.
Dr. Curran: Thanks. (puts paper in folder and ignores it)
Dr. Guinan: Jim! (takes paper and puts it under his nose) Looks like there is a very weird epidemic breaking out among gay men in Los Angeles. There have been five cases of pneumocystis with no contributing disease within the past few months and already two fatalities.
Dr. Curran: Hot stuff.
Dr. Guinan: Hum-mmm. Plus I've made some phone calls to New York and San Francisco, and it seems that they've had similar cases. I think this should go into the weekly newsletter as soon as possible.
(Dr. Curran crosses out the headlining word "homosexual")
Dr. Guinan: What did you do that for?
Dr. Curran: I don't decide what goes into the newsletter, I can only recommend. But, Mary, we've got a new administration, do you want to see this be published so people can read it or do you want to see it killed?
0:20:34 San Francisco, September 1981, The house of Bill Kraus
Dr. Conant: So far not one TV station has even mentioned it. Not one word from the straight press…nothing. The number of patients that I'm treating for it is growing so fast that I don't even want to think about it. I don't know…I…I…I mean is anything happening in Washington? Do these people even know it exists?
Bill Kraus: If they do, they don't discuss it.
Conant: When do you go back to D.C.?
Kraus: Tomorrow.
Conant: Well, then, that's the first thing we have to deal with…you just have to make people aware of it.
Kraus: How, Marc? The media all say the same thing; there's no story. One journalist said to me the only people interested in reading about gay men dying are gay men and the one's who'd wish they'd all die.
1:04:55 Press Conference with the Director of Public Health, San Francisco
Bobbi Campbell: Now for years and years and years people in my hometown were telling me I was a freak because of my sexual orientation. Until I came to San Francisco and I found a community of freaks just like me. (cheering and applause) And we stuck together. And it took a long time, but we've finally forced this one tiny spot of the universe, to realize that how we choose to have sex and where is our own damn business. There are other people who haven't gone through what we've gone through, and it sounds funny, and they may laugh, but I know, speaking for most of us, I would rather die as a human being then continue living as a freak.
1:25:05 CDC Atlanta, January 4, 1983, Meeting with the Blood Bank Representatives
Don Francis: How many dead hemophiliacs do you need? How many people have to die to make it cost efficient for you people to do something about it? 100? 1000? Give us a number so we don't annoy you again until the amount of money you begin spending on lawsuits makes it more profitable for you to save people then to kill them?
1:28:40 The Johnstone Residence, A Blood Transfusion Patient
Dr. Harold Jaffe: Every blood bank in the country has known for some time that some of the blood it has been using for transfusions is contaminated. We've been unable to get them to start any testing or to take any precautions whatsoever. I am really very sorry.
Mrs. Johnstone: Are you telling me that they knew they were giving AIDS to people and continued to do it?
1:43:49 CDC Atlanta, Dr. Robert Gallo plays God
Dr. Curran: I got a call from Gallo. From now on you can expect practically no cooperation from him at all. He's cut off your supply of re-agents, antibodies to the HTLV virus, almost everything you need to function.
Dr. Francis: Why?
Dr. Curran: Did you send blind samples to the French to test their virus?
Dr. Francis: Yes, it's common courtesy.
Dr. Curran: Tell that to Gallo.
1:50:00 Francis confronts Gallo
Francis: It's you against the French? I thought it was us all against the virus.