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0:00:00 The beginning
Opening, credits roll while the camera moves over a small river
0:01:07 The dedication
A written dedication to the heroic figures who will be featured in the film
0:01:29 Where do we begin?
A written summary of the location and time the film takes place (Tennessee 1916)
0:01:41 Sunday Services
People gather around outside a church to attend Sunday services.
0:01:50 “When the Road”
Inside the church, Pastor Pile leads a song, while women and men separated on different sides of the church sing along.
0:02:26 Flock of sheep
Pile begins his sermon by reading scriptures out of the Bible until a man storms in and begins to loudly make his way to a pew while Pile continues to read his "flock of sheep" sermon.
0:03:55 The interruption
Outside the church, three men ride past the church on horses shooting into the air.
0:03:58 Gunshots are heard
A gunshot is heard outside the church, arousing everyone in his or her pews and interrupting Pastor Pile's sermon.
0:04:02 Sam’s right scared
Inside the church the pastor tries to gather back everyone's attention on his sermon but is still interrupted by shots
0:04:11 A.Y.
The three men on horses ride around trees shooting at the branches.
0:04:27 Our meeting’s over
Pile raises his voice over the gunshots and yelling of the three men outside but continues to be flustered.
0:05:17 Back to our liquor
The three men ride past the church and away down the dirt path.
0:05:24 You be free to go
A solemn looking pastor gives his last words of the church's meeting, saying, "The devil is knocking on our door." Then he dismisses the congregation.
0:05:46 Mighty good shooting for a drunkard
A group of church men gather around a tree and tell the pastor that the previous man who was shooting at the tree shot his initials, A.Y or Alvin York.
0:06:09 Who was you saying it was?
Alvin York's mother approaches the tree and stares solemnly at the initials her son shot into the tree.
0:06:36 I’m drunk as a devil
The three men on horses ride down a dirt road singing drunkenly.
0:06:49 Howdy boys
A man on a horse with a U.S. Postal Service bag rides along a dirt road singing until he arrives at Rosier Pile General Merchandise.
0:07:21 It took me awhile to get here
The postal man enters the crowded General Store and delivers the mail to the Pile.
0:07:54 Modern hats and hosieries
The Pastor is seen discussing with a traveling salesman selling modern ladies clothing and hats. The pastor dismisses the salesman because ladies in Tennessee are simple.
0:08:46 War in Europe!
Everyone asks a man who has just received a newspaper from the mail delivery what the newspaper says. The front page reads to audiences "Germans Smash at Verdun!" But all the men speak of is an upcoming Congressional race.
0:09:07 How did you get here?
The salesman declares that the newspaper is four days old, then that the town is a hard place to get to, wondering how the townspeople found it. Almost as if he is describing a town shut-off from modern America.
0:09:43 What war?
The salesman explains to the pastor that he has to buy the garments because the price will only increase because of the war, which leaves everyone in the store asking, "what war?"
0:10:24 Alvin and his liquor
The men sidetrack from the mention of the war in Europe and move on to discuss stories of Alvin York's wrong doings.
0:10:27 Ma York
York's mother enters the general store and the men silence their talk of Alvin.
0:11:29 Religion as a cure
While trading eggs for salt with the pastor, the pastor tells Ma York not to take other peoples' talk about Alvin too hard, and she explains that she doesn't, wondering if religion would be a cure for Alvin.
0:12:47 Go fetch Alvin
Mother York walks back to her small farm and upon entering her house asks her youngest son George to go fetch Alvin.
0:13:33 Let’s drink to something
Alvin enters a bar, is insulted by another customer when George says Ma wants him, a bar brawl erupts, with York victorious.
0:18:41 Hi, Ma
Alvin enters his house where Ma York waits for him, throwing a pail of water on him before he enters, and the family sits down for breakfast.
0:20:19 Plow your furrrows straight
While plowing, the pastor meets Alvin and tries to tell him the devil has Alvin by his shirttails and warns Alvin to change his ways.
0:23:25 Like a bolt of lightning
Alvin dismisses the pastor's lecture to convert to religion, and the pastor warns that religion will come to him like a bolt of lightning one day.
0:23:40 Daniel Boone
A shot of a message from Daniel Boone carved into the tree.
0:24:00 It’s the hunt
Alvin and George fox hunting.
0:24:32 Gracie
Alvin stops in his tracks at the sight of a woman sitting on her front porch.
0:24:54 They went that way!
She explains to Alvin the direction the dogs headed in, but Alvin stops his chase to introduce himself to her. Here audiences are introduced to Gracie Williams.
0:26:42 What did you have?
Alvin asks his mother what his Pa had to set up with when they got married. She explains that they had a house, mule, some land, and dogs.
0:27:55 Settling down
Ma York asks Alvin if he is planning on settling down, and Alvin tells her that he is going to marry Gracie Williams even though he hasn't asked her yet.
0:28:41 Zeb
Gracie is asked to a dance by Zeb Anders, a man holding her yarn, but she refuses to give him an answer.
0:29:17 Jealousy
Alvin enters, with Gracie exclaiming to Zeb about Alvin's recent foxhunt and how Alvin's harvest is going.
0:31:55 You have no right being here
Gracie returns from getting Alvin some cider inside the house and sees that Zeb has left; audiences know Alvin kicked him out.
0:32:46 It’s because I don’t have land
Gracie becomes upset that Alvin fought Zeb, and Alvin explains that he wants to marry Gracie. Gracie stammers a response but ends with telling Alvin no.
0:33:50 I get whatever I set my mind to
Alvin realizes that to win Gracie's hand he has to get a piece of bottomland of his own to farm.
0:34:57 The blessing
Alvin exclaims to Ma York that he is going to get a piece of bottomland for their family. Ma gives him his blessing.
0:36:27 60 days and 60 nights
Alvin sells his mule to begin his investment on a piece of bottomland. The man selling the land gives Alvin 60 days to pay him $120 dollars for the land.
0:38:39 Job one
Alvin gets a job for moving rocks from a field at 75 cents a day.
0:39:50 Well, can I do this?
Alvin continues to find odd jobs that pay, including splitting rails, moving tree stumps, and selling fur pellets.
0:41:01 First kiss
While plowing a field, Gracie approaches Alvin, they share their first kiss, and Gracie runs off.
0:41:55 Hard-working American
In a montage sequence, Alvin is seen working hard at odd jobs that brings him closer to earning that $120 dollars for the land -- tree-chopping, bailing hay, and chopping wood.
0:43:08 Give him his land, Lord
Upon returning home from a day of work, Ma tucks Alvin into bed. Ma stands over her sleeping son and asks God to help Alvin get his land.
0:44:08 I can’t do it
Alvin can't lift a boulder out of the ground, and he stands up and exclaims that he can't make the deadline for the money. He yells out asking how he can get the rest of the money. As if Alvin is asking God for help.
0:44:48 Turkeys
Alvin goes to Mr. Tomkins to ask for an extension on the due date for the money for the bottomland. Alvin tells Tomkins that he will have the money because he is entering a turkey shoot-out competition and plans on winning. Tomkins agrees and gives Alvin the four-day extension.
0:45:49 Gobble, gobble, gobble
The Turkey shoot-out competition, and Alvin is successful in shooting the turkey clean.
0:47:13 No Daniel Boone
Alvin sells the turkey for a shot and buys four more for five shots on the beef-kill challenge. The group of men tell Alvin he can't make the five shots because he is no Daniel Boone and doesn't wear a coon' skin hat.
0:48:46 A dollar for a shot
Alvin licks the tip of his gun and cuts center on the plank all five times and wins the beef contest. He puts the cow back up for competition and collects money from those that want to shoot for it.
0:51:25 You went back on your word
Tomkins arrives at the competition, and Alvin approaches him ready to give him the full payment for the land. But Tomkins tells Alvin that he already sold the land to Zeb.
0:51:53 It wasn’t written down
An angered Alvin confronts Tomkins for going back on his word. The pastor calms him, but Alvin storms off with his gun.
0:53:03 Tennessee and Kentucky
Alvin returns to his drunkard ways and is seen trying to drink away his sorrows for not getting the land.
0:54:50 Bolt of lightning
Alvin riding home in the rain is struck by lighting
0:56:00 Back To Church
After being struck by lighting, Alvin walks toward singing coming from the town church.
0:56:43 Old-time religion
Alvin enters the church and walks toward the front of the church while everyone sings, "Give me that old time religion." Alvin has a religious conversion.
0:58:16 I need a mule
Alvin visits Tomkins and asks to buy back Abraham the mule as well as asking him for forgiveness.
0:59:32 New man
Tomkins exclaims that he can't believe Alvin found religion and sells Abraham the mule back to Alvin cheap.
1:00:57 The sharecrop
Alvin asks Zeb if he can work Zeb's bottomland, and Zeb offer to sharecrop the land.
1:02:14 I want to be with you, Alvin
Alvin asks forgiveness from Gracie from preventing Zeb to court Gracie. Then tells Gracie that if she wants to pick Zeb over him he would understand.
1:03:12 I don’t go kissing men
Gracie erupts in anger and proclaims that she wants to be with Alvin.
1:03:54 Lord said to Cain
Alvin teaches a Bible lesson to kids about killing and proclaims that the word says, "Thou shall not kill."
1:04:38 War!
The postal man rides into town and proclaims that the U.S. has declared war against Germany.
1:04:51 The draft
A sign to register for the draft hangs in the general merchandise store, and men line up registering.
1:05:23 Well, not me
Alvin enters the store and upon being asked says he doesn't plan on going registering for the draft.
1:06:11 The Bible’s word
Alvin tells the Pastor that he refuses to sign a draft card because war means killing and the Bible is against killing.
1:06:49 You don’t have to go
The Pastor tells Alvin that there is an exemption that you can petition for if your religious beliefs are against war, and the Pastor writes Alvin a letter.
1:07:21 Denied
Alvin's application for exemption from war is denied
1:08:08 We will have curtains
Alvin shows Gracie the plot of land he plans to buy and build a house on so they can start their life together.
1:09:21 Hurry!
Alvin's brother George tells Alvin that it is very important that the Pastor see him.
1:09:54 War means killing
Alvin receives a notice that he is being drafted into the army and that he has to report to Nashville the next night.
1:11:34 I’ll be back
Alvin is seen packing his bag for Nashville and says his last goodbye to his family and Gracie.
1:13:46 Men don’t live by bread alone
Alvin's family discusses Alvin's troubles but decides to leave him alone.
1:14:22 Camp Gordon
Training in Camp Gordon begins for Alvin before being shipped off to Europe
1:15:20 Objector
Alvin York's Sergeant is told to watch Alvin because he is a conscientious objector
1:15:31 Subway
Alvin learns about modern technology and transportation from his bunkmates
1:17:21 Guns
York receives his war rifle.
1:18:33 Clean your gun
Alvin is harassed about his conscientious objections toward killing.
1:18:56 Shooting-range
York and his squad practice shooting targets, and York hits dead center on his target five times.
1:23:08 Bring me the marker
Everyone is impressed with York's shooting skills.
1:23:31 Like turkeys
York explains how to shoot down a flock of turkeys but is suddenly called to report to Major Buxton.
1:24:37 Major Buxton
Alvin meets Major Buxton, who tells Alvin that he will be promoted to Corporal to help in teaching sharp shooting.
1:25:49 I don’t want to be a Corporal
Alvin explains to Major Buxton that he does not want to be a Corporal because of his religious convictions
1:27:24 What was Daniel Boone looking for?
Major Buxton gives Alvin a history of the United States book.
1:29:56 Back in the hills
Major Buxton gives Alvin ten days to go home to think about what the sacrifice of freedom means. He also tells Alvin that if Alvin still does not believe in fighting for freedom, then Buxton will recommend Alvin's exemption.
1:30:57 Up in the pine
Alvin returns home and climbs a hill overlooking his small, Tennessee town. He carries the U.S. history book from Major Buxton and a Bible.
1:32:29 Decision
Alvin, with his hound dog, sits on the hill while it is becoming dusk.
1:32:47 God or Country?
Voices in Alvin's head confuse him in making his decision until the wind pushes the pages of Alvin's Bible to a verse.
1:34:04 Return
York returns back to Camp Gordon and tells Major Buxton that he wants to stay in the army.
1:35:34 Off to France
The All-American Division sails to France.
1:35:41 The Lord takes care
Pastor Pile reads a letter from Alvin to Alvin's family and Gracie.
1:36:41 The Yankees arrive
Alvin is stationed in the foxhole waiting out the battle. British troops stationed with Alvin discuss the chances of surviving the war.
1:38:58 The Meuse-Argonne Offensive
Battle strategy is explained
1:40:00 You will get used to it
The men wait out until the time to start the offensive
1:40:45 Battle begins
The first wave of the platoon heads out to the German line. German troops prepare with machine guns to take down the British and American troops and the battle begins
1:43:42 Keep cover
A platoon goes around the hill to take the Germans from behind, York with them.
1:45:22 They’re here!
Two German soldiers see the American platoon sneaking on the German troops from behind and start to warn the German troops. The Germans surrender only to trick the Americans troops.
1:46:01 Get down!
Germans with machine guns start firing at the American platoon.
1:46:36 Take over
York is suddenly put in charge and starts to make his way toward the German machine guns.
1:47:56 You gave me a command
Alvin successfully makes it to the German machine gun nest and starts to take German gunmen one by one.
1:49:09 Turkeys
As if the German gunmen are like turkeys, Alvin shoots them dead one by one.
1:49:59 Put your weapons up!
The German soldiers begin to surrender to Alvin.
1:51:20 End of the line
A surrendered German soldier throws a grenade at Pusher and Pusher falls dead next to Alvin.
1:52:02 Who threw that?
Alvin warns the Captain of the German troops that if they try to attack the American troops, they will be "mighty sorry."
1:52:40 Eight of us, 132 of them
Alvin starts to march the captured German soldiers.
1:53:08 That way
Alvin asks the German captain which way is it to the American lines; he takes the captain's answer and does the opposite.
1:53:22 Tell them to surrender
Alvin decides to capture another German group.
1:54:07 White flag
Alvin and the American troops capture the Germans without a shot fired.
1:54:57 Which way is home?
Alvin returns to the American lines with the German prisoners and asks the American troops there where to get back to the 328th brigade.
1:55:56 Can you take them?
Alvin returns to the brigade and gives Major Buxton 132 captured German soldiers.
1:57:08 Did ya hear?
News and rumors spread that Alvin captured 132 German soldiers by himself.
1:58:02 How many did you kill?
York explains the capturing scenario to the officer and tells him that he only survived because the Lord was protecting him.
1:59:10 Once more, how many did you kill
Alvin is asked how many Germans he killed; he responds that he doesn't know. Major Buxton chimes in and states that twenty German bodies were found dead.
1:59:50 Prepared to die but not to kill
Alvin explains To Major Buxton what brought him to start killing the Germans.
2:00:37 France
Alvin receives a medal from the French Army.
2:01:22 Great Britain
Alvin receives the Distinguished Service Cross from the British Army.
2:01:33 United States of America
Alvin receives the Congressional Medal of Honor from the commander of the American expeditionary forces.
2:01:51 Hero!
Newspaper titles exclaim Alvin's bravery
2:01:58 Welcome Home!
American troops return home waving and cheering from a ship. Alvin York leaves the ship to be greeted as a hero.
2:02:36 Are you having fun?
Alvin travels in a parade honoring the WWI veterans.
2:02:47 Can I ride the subway?
Alvin is given the key to New York and Alvin asks if he can ride the Bronx express, at which the crowd gathered around him laughs.
2:03:54 Mighty nice of Ya
Alvin arrives at a hotel in New York and finds a picture of his Ma.
2:04:11 Hi, Ma
A phone rings, and Alvin has a telephone call with his family, Gracie, and Pastor Pile.
2:05:58 Celebration
Newspaper titles reveal how America celebrated Alvin as a war hero.
2:06:12 Back to Tennessee
Alvin reveals he wants to return home. It is revealed that Alvin has offers totaling a quarter of a million dollars, but he turns them down.
2:08:41 I’m back, Ma
Alvin returns home to Tennessee and is greeted by Gracie, his family, and a huge group of spectators.
2:09:56 Back to the bottomland
On the drive home, Alvin asks Pastor Pile if they can go see the bottomland.
2:10:51 A thank you
Gracie and Alvin discuss their future together, and the gift of land from the people of Tennessee to Alvin for being a war hero is revealed.
2:13:13 The End