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0:02:53 America wants more
Karl Rove: The American people want revenge. They liked Afghanistan, and they want more.
0:03:47 Containment don't hold water
George Bush Jr: Now I'm not saying war, I'm saying lay down the law.
Colin Powell: The speech, as written, is taking a preemptive posture against countries none of whom declared war on us. Sixty years now, this country has operated on a principle of containment.
George Bush: That's a defense, General, not an offense. How are you going to contain 100,000 of these lunatics running around the world with fake passports from country to country looking for nukes? Anthrax? Containment don't hold water as far as I'm concerned.
0:17:19 One bite at the apple
George Bush Sr.: Your brother Jeb graduates Phi Beta Kappa. What did you get? Cs? You only get one bite at the apple, you know.
George Bush Jr: Jeb's not me, and I don't wanna be Jeb, Poppy. Look, what I really love? What I'd really love to do is to find something in baseball.
0:18:31 Deep disappointment
George Bush Sr.: You disappoint me, Jr. You deeply disappoint me.
George Bush Jr: Is that it?
0:20:29 The perfect storm
Dick Cheney: Mr. President, this is a fulcrum point in history, your presidency. The Middle East, 9/11, Homeland Security. Everything is coming together like a perfect storm
0:21:57 Selling America on war
George Bush Jr: Look, you don't have to sell me, you gotta to sell the American people, okay? And Colin.
Dick Cheney: The Commander in Chief doesn't have to sell anything. He has constitutionally unlimited power in wartime. And you have the capacity to do anything you see fit.
0:22:30 We do not use torture
Dick Cheney: Enhanced interrogation techniques means utilizing fear scenarios, like dogs, or isolation, or simulated drowning, or sleep deprivation, or forced stress situations, but nothing fatal.
George Bush: Kind of reminds me of my fraternity days. Just remember that we do not use torture in this country.
0:25:38 You break it, you own it
Colin Powell: If you really go through with this, you're going to be the proud owner of 26 million Iraqi people standing around looking at us. You break it, you own it. And I can tell you something. You need to understand this -- It's just going to suck the oxygen right out of everything you do. It will become your first term. Your father weighed all of this when we weighed the merits of the first Gulf War.
0:29:10 Get yourself to an AA meeting
George Bush Sr: My advice to you, Junior? Get yourself to an AA meeting. Get help.
George Bush Jr: Thank you. Mr., What, Perfect? Mr. War Hero? Mr. God-Almighty?
0:35:27 You can be my education advisor
Laura Bush: But if you win, please do something for education. I was a teacher, and I really believe that's a thing that can make a difference in peoples' lives.
George Bush Jr: Alright, well I'll tell you what. If I win, you can be my education advisor.
0:36:02 His whole privileged life
Kent Hance: My daddy and granddaddy were farmers. They didn't have anything to do with this mess we're in now. Bush's daddy and granddaddy have been in politics his whole privileged life.
0:36:20 You're still an outsider
Kent Hance: Washington is the way it is today because of all the Yale and Harvard fellows running the place. I went to Texas Tech. You went to Yale. I went to U.T. Law. You went to Harvard.
George Bush Jr: I spent half my life here in Midland. I know the problems of the people here.
Kent Hance: Yeah, maybe at the country club, but you're still an outsider as far as we're concerned.
0:40:16 No way I’ll ever be out-Texaned or out-Christianed ever again
George Bush Jr.: I'll tell you one thing. There's no way I'll ever be out-Texaned or out-Christianed ever again.
0:50:38 There's always this weight on me
George Bush Jr: There's always this weight on me, this heaviness. And no matter how many times I come [to Alcoholics Anonymous meetings], or go to church that weight just won't lift.
Earl Hudd: W, the Christian life is not a constant high. I got my moments of deep discontentment, and I gotta go to God, just like you, and say God, please help me.
1:01:11 The Gulf War days are long gone
Colin Powell: Your father went to the UN, Mr. President, and it took him six months as I remember, but he got his resolution, and he got Congress, too.
Don Rumsfeld: My Gosh, Colin, you're the finest military man in the room, we all know that. But don't you think the Gulf War days are long gone? Do we really need six months and half a million men to knock off a tin-pot dictator with a rag-tag army?
1:02:48 Why are we doing this?
Colin Powell: What I'm pressing for here is why? Why are we doing this? Why Iraq? Why now?
Condoleezza Rice: We discussed that already, Colin.
Colin Powell: We had America protected September 11th. That is, if people had been doing their jobs right. But, we blew it. And now, instead of taking down these 10,000 Al Queda lunatics in the mountains of Pakistan with Special Operations, we're way outside of the box on this thing. Why aren't we trusting the system? Why have we veered off this place where we accept, without debate, that preemptive strike on Iraq can defeat terrorist better than police action or intelligence agencies that actually share information?
1:05:06 We Need The Middle East For Oil
Dick Cheney: We're at 5 percent of the world's population. We use 25 percent of its energy.
1:06:21 No Exit Strategy
Powell: So what is our real exit strategy on Iraq, Dick?
Cheney: There is no exit. We stay.
Powell: Spoken like a true oilman.
1:07:51 Nobody will fuck with us again
Dick Cheney: [If we] control Iran, we control Eurasia, we control the world. Empire. Real Empire. Nobody will fuck with us again.
George Bush Jr: That's big, vice. Big thoughts. But you go out here, and you scare people, when you talk like that. The working Joe's not thinking about oil. We're talking 9/11 terrorists. We're talking WMDs. We're talking freedom, and democracy. We're talking Axis of Evil.
1:09:00 We're not so sure who the
George Bush Jr.: Today, we're not so sure who the "they" are, but we know they're there.
1:13:40 that Vietnam Syndrome
George Bush Sr: 100 hours. My Gosh. I guess we finally kicked that Vietnam Syndrome.
1:19:13 Bushisms
George Bush Jr: You need to teach a child to read and then he or her will be able to pass a literacy test. . . . Rarely is the question asked, "Is our children learning?"
1:22:05 This campaign starts and ends with me
Karl Rove: So, anything about the issues, you come to me first. I'll tell you want to say.
George Bush Jr: Woah, woah. You're not going to tell me what to say, Karl. I'm gonna tell you what I want, cause you're the word man. This campaign starts and ends with me and what I think.
Karl Rove: You got it, W. I'm just a little fairy putting down a little magic dust for you.
1:29:05 Either you’re with us, or you're with the terrorists
George Bush Jr: Every nation, every region, has a decision to make. Either you're with us, or you're with the terrorists.
1:31:56 There's a higher father I appeal to
Condoleezza Rice: Mr. President, has your father ever personally offered you advice on Iraq?
George Bush Jr: No, I haven't asked. I don't need to. He's the wrong father to appeal to in terms of strength. You know, there's a higher father I appeal to.
1:38:24 Blackout on caskets
George Bush Jr: Just remember, Americans don't like to see dead boys on their television sets.
1:40:20 You could have been president
Colin Powell: Funny Dick, I remember you once agreeing that going all the way to Baghdad would be a mistake.
Dick Cheney: Well, I think you made a bigger boo-boo, Colin. You could have been president.
1:40:34 This is for those who doubted I won the election
George Bush Jr: This is for those who doubted I won the election, that's what this is…. and who doubted my judgment.
1:40:58 Now they gotta catch the man
George Bush Sr: Well they got the statue, now they gotta catch the man.
1:41:50 Women love President Bush
Newscaster: [George W. Bush] didn't fight in the war, but he looks like he did. And women love President Bush for this very reason. And women love this war. It's simple.
1:45:28 My son has the toughest position in the world
George Bush Sr: Let me make this clear as I have some experience dealing with these matters. My son has the toughest position in the world. He's the one who gets the intelligence briefings. And as Americans, it's our duty to fully support his efforts to bring freedom and democracy to the Middle East. And as a father, I'll be damned if I listen to people who are always trying to tear the boy down.
1:53:20 It's been hard on me, Laura
George Bush Jr: Since the start of the war, though, I barely have time to run my three miles anymore. My knees hurt, I'm off pace. It's been hard on me, Laura.
1:54:52 I did it on my own
George Bush Jr: I dug myself out of the depths of Hell to stand on my own two feet and make something of myself. And I did it on my own!