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0:16:13 Smith's Utopia
A 21st Century Hero in a 17th Century New World by James Speese, with comments by Ed Gallagher, Taara Ness-Cochinwala, Tanya Saleh, Jena Viviano, and Jose Berrios
0:25:45 The Rescue
Blacked Out: Pocahontas Saves Smith by Faith Roncoroni, with comments by Andrea Espinoza, Caitlin Prozonic, and Courtney Brown
0:32:30 Edenic
Lover’s Haze by Karolina Kiwak, with comments by Elena Zubenko, Adam Kaufman, and Jaclyn Ulman
0:33:18 Love Play
An Eden Lost by Ryan Burns, with comments by Zachary Rubin, Tanya Saleh, and Haydn Galloway
0:42:01 The Return
The Return to Innocence Lost: Music, Greed, and the American Dream by Adam Kaufman, with comments by Kim Weber and Eddie Strumfels
0:52:17 Pocahontas Rescues Jamestown
The Parting Time by Danielle Gorman, with comments by Alexander Vernak and Brian Cohen
0:59:18 The Warning
The Last Moments of Love by Christine Rapp, with comment by Andrew Tye
1:08:10 Pocahontas's Banishment
Pocahontas: Peacemaker or Traitor? by Emslie Stevenson, with comments by Ed Gallagher, Caitlin Prozonic, Kelley Higgins, Karen Haberland, Olga Zhakova, and James
1:27:17 “Tell her I’m dead.”
The Representation of Name, Love, and Land by Louis Yako, with comments by Ed Gallagher, Carina Meleca, and William "Tommy" McNulty
1:58:36 Another New World
The Eeriness of the Unnatural by Katy Watters, with comments by Kelsey Cannon and Tatum Lawrence
2:01:09 “Did I make a mistake in coming here?”
Taking Words Out of Her Mouth by Jamey Gallagher, with comments by Ed Gallagher, Margaret Watters, James Speese, Alexandra Neumann, and Krystal Kaai
2:07:30 At Last
A Happy Ending? by Stephanie DeLuca, with comments by Catherine Willard, Karen Haberland, Adrianna Abreu, and Morgan Christopher