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0:01:21 The Honored Colleague Award
In the film's opening scene, Charlie stands on a stage as he is presented with the CIA's Honored Colleague Award. The award distributer talks about Charlie's achievements as Joanne, Gust, Bonnie, and other characters are shown sitting in the audience. A large sign hung on the back wall says, "Charlie did it!"
0:03:01 Charlie in Las Vegas
The film flashes back to April 6, 1980. Charlie is in a hot tub with Crystal Lee, a man named Paul, and two strippers. As Paul attempts to spark Charlie's interest in a television show he hopes to produce starring Crystal, Charlie watches Dan Rather in a news segment about the Soviet invasion in Afghanistan.
0:06:52 Charlie Flies back to Washington
Charlie is in a limo with the characters from the hot tub. The strippers are doing cocaine as Charlie's guests ask him questions about an upcoming vote in Washington. Charlie gets out of the limo at the airport to return to Washington and bids his crowd goodbye.
0:08:07 Larry Liddle’s Complaint
Charlie walks through the Congressional building with Bonnie, his administrative assistant. He reads the newsreel regarding Afghanistan and proceeds into a room to vote. Later in the scene he meets in his office with Larry Liddle, a campaign contributor. Larry complains about a debate regarding a nativity scene in front of a firehouse and Charlie takes little interest.
0:12:52 Double It
Charlie leaves the meeting with Larry briefly to ask an aid, Jim, about the covert budget for the war in Afghanistan. Currently the budget is $5 million, and he orders Jim to double it.
0:14:09 Charlie and Jane
Charlie is in his apartment with Jane, Larry's daughter. It is obvious that Jane is in Charlie's apartment for a sexual encounter of sorts. Charlie takes Jane onto the balcony and briefly describes his experience in the Naval Academy. Joanne Herring calls Charlie on the phone and inquires about his ability to double the covert operations budget. She then invites Charlie to a fundraiser she is having in Houston later that week.
0:17:13 The Helsinki Job
Gust Avrakotos confronts his boss regarding the recently filled Helsinki post. Gust and his superior argue about whether Gust is qualified for the position and other personal matters. Gust destroys the glass window in his boss's office and storms out.
0:19:47 A Professional Curse
In the cafeteria, Gust discusses the incident with another CIA agent, who invites him to join the Afghan desk upstairs.
0:21:32 The Slave Girl Auction
Charlie attends Joanne's party with Bonnie. Bonnie and Charlie discuss Joanne and the relevance of her "Slave Girl" fundraiser. Bonnie meets Joanne, who is not very polite and Bonnie is forced to get Joanne a drink.
0:23:11 Charlie and Joanne
Charlie and Joanne go upstairs to Joanne's bedroom where they discuss the Afghan situation and have sex. Joanne informs Charlie that she has arranged for him to meet with the President of Pakistan to discuss the Afghan situation further.
0:28:46 The Afghan Situation
This short scene features clips of Russians shooting at Afghan civilians and destroying buildings.
0:30:06 President Zia
Charlie meets with President Zia of Pakistan, who informs him that one fifth of the Afghan population has fled to Pakistan. He asks for planes, guns, and money to help the Afghans but says the appropriations must go through him. President Zia arranges for Charlie and Bonnie to visit a refugee camp before returning to Washington.
0:34:58 The Refugee Camp
A helicopter takes Charlie and Bonnie to an Afghan refugee camp. Charlie observes a food drop and speaks with several injured men, women, and children. The scene is heartbreaking for Charlie, who then appears determined to remedy the Afghan situation.
0:39:10 A Sudden Influx of Money and Weaponry
Charlie stops to visit the Afghanistan station chief for a full briefing on the situation. The briefing does not go well, as the chief, Harold Holt, is against sending money and weaponry into Afghanistan. Charlie storms out of the office.
0:41:01 Mr. Hazard
Charlie and Bonnie board the plane to Washington. On the plane, Charlie tells Bonnie a story about a neighbor and tells her to have the CIA district director in his office first thing in the morning.
0:43:50 An Investigation
Gust Avrakotos arrives at Charlie's office to discuss the situation. The two briefly describe Charlie's experience with Harold Holt before Charlie needs privacy to discuss a drug-related issue with his press secretary and staff. His staff informs him that an investigation has begun to prove that Charlie has used drugs while holding elected office.
0:47:32 James Bond and Thomas Jefferson
Charlie's staff leaves and Gust comes in and out of the office as the interruptions continue. Eventually, Gust and Charlie discuss the weapons and money the Afghans would need to defeat the Soviets.
0:52:52 The Weapons Expert
Charlie and Gust travel to a park to meet Mike Vickers, the CIA weapons expert. After a brief discussion about the weaponry needed, Mike offers Charlie the report he has written on the subject. Charlie and Gust decide that they need the assistance of Israel and Egypt, and Charlie decides the two must travel to Israel to visit his friend, a weapons dealer.
0:57:11 A Trip to Israel
Charlie and Gust meet with the weapons dealer in Israel. Israel is in possession of Soviet weapons, which the Afghans need. The Afghans must have Soviet weapons so that it appears as if they have stolen them from the Soviets, not been given them by the U.S. and other countries. The Israeli arms dealer agrees to help with Charlie's project.
1:00:51 Negotiations
Charlie, the weapons dealer, and Gust travel to Cairo, Egypt to meet with the Defense Minister and his deputy. As a belly dancer distracts the Minister, Charlie and Gust negotiate with the deputy. Egypt agrees to give bombs and mines needed for the Afghans to defeat the Soviets. Charlie and Gust fly back to Washington so that Charlie can begin negotiations for appropriations.
1:04:15 Dialing Down the Religion
Joanne throws a luncheon fundraiser for President Zia. After, Charlie asks Joanne to stop framing the war as a religious one and to stop throwing fundraisers. He informs her that the nature of the operation must remain covert.
1:07:49 Doc Long
Charlie meets with the CIA Afghan team to talk about the rebels and how to distribute the weapons. Charlie meets with Doc Long, the Chairman of his committee to discuss funding. Charlie convinces Joanne to contact Doc Long and convince him that the funding is necessary. Joanne arranges for Charlie, Gust, Doc Long, and herself to travel to the camps.
1:11:32 A Night Out
Joanne, Charlie, Gust, and Charlie's staff meet for drinks at a bar. During the celebration, Joanne and Gust meet for the first time. Charlie gets a call during the night out and is informed that the investigation about his alleged drug use has come to an end. Prosecutors were unable to find any evidence that Charlie had used cocaine within the United States
1:14:29 Good Versus Evil
Doc Long and his wife travel with Charlie, Joanne, and Gust to the camps. Doc Long is overwhelmed by the site and agrees to fund the operation through the committee.
1:17:44 The War Begins
With the funds, weapons, and rebels in place the Afghan's war against the Soviets begins. Clips are shown of the Afghans using weapons against Soviet tanks and helicopters.
1:19:59 An Unlimited Budget
The scene depicts Charlie raising the budget from $70 million to $100 million and later to $250 million. As of spring 1987, the Afghans have been successful in fighting off the Soviets.
1:25:37 Victory
Charlie talks to Joanne on the telephone and informs her that the budget has been raised again to $500 million, a sum also given to the cause by Saudi Arabia. The scene flashes to Charlie's reelection party and Charlie in Afghanistan receiving a Stinger from the Afghans. The Soviets withdraw from Afghanistan.
1:27:46 The Zen Master
Charlie throws a party to celebrate the end of the war. As the guests drink, they watch the news coverage on television. Gust and Charlie go on the balcony and Gust stresses the importance of continued support in Afghanistan, arguing that the "crazies are rolling in."
1:30:53 The Ball Keeps Bouncing
Charlie meets with the rest of his committee and requests funding to rebuild the schools in Afghanistan. He is basically laughed out of the meeting, as it is clear that with the war over Congress is no longer interested in the Soviet cause. Congress is occupied with the rebuilding of Eastern Europe. Charlie insists that the U.S. must give money now because the Afghans do not even know the U.S. has helped because of the covert nature of the effort.
1:32:35 Charlie Did It!
The end scene is an extension of the first scene as Charlie receives the Honored Colleague Award.
1:33:32 Conclusion
A quote flashes on the screen: "These things happened. They were glorious and they changed the world…And then we fucked up the end game." –Charlie Wilson