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Musings over Talk Radio
By Robert F. Kilker, with comments by Kathryn Burke, Eddie Strumfels, Tatum Lawrence, Kim Weber, Kelsey Cannon

I've been listening to talk radio lately. Not exactly sure why. I suppose I derive a smug sense of superiority over callers who are a little too concerned with high quality mulch or the Phillies' relief pitching. People become incensed over the most ludicrous things. Recently, though, I heard callers venting over something a little closer to my heart, and I couldn't listen with the same ironic distance from which I usually stand. Pope John Paul II had issued (at a papal Mass on March 12) an apology for the sins of the church over the past 2000 years. As a Roman Catholic embarrassed by many parts of my Church's history--the Crusades, the Inquisition, silence in the midst of the Holocaust--I was gratified to hear that the Pope was...
Bridging Gaps and Tempering Negativity: A Response to Ward Churchill and Kristof Haavik
By Kim Weber

After reading Ward Churchill and Kristof Haavik’s heated debate over the film Black Robe in their published articles, it is hard not to feel jaded. After my positive experience viewing the film, Churchill’s harsh critique of the negative portrayal of Native American voices got me thinking. Was my positive experience with the film shaped in any way by my own personal culture? Would I have been more offended if I were a part of the group that Churchill feels has been so slighted through Beresford’s film? Kristof Haavik’s well-thought out response uses historical sources to try to address many of the issues Churchill raises. Yet, after reading Churchill, I also wondered if I sided with Haavik’s retort for the very...