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All the President's Men (1976)
Both Good Night, and Good Luck and All the President's Men share the same genre: historical films centered on journalists. In All the President's Men, investigative reporters for Washington Post Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein follow the trail from the Watergate break-in and bugging to President Nixon. Although they faced disapproval and unhelpful insiders at every step, they persevered to report the truth. Like Murrow, the two reporters were courageous and unwavering in their commitment to the truth, no matter how much they would lose to uncover it. Furthermore, both films display corrupt top government leaders who secretly investigate American citizens. The public deserved to know the entirety of the situations and the journalists would not stop to give it to them. Good Night, and Good Luck and All the President's Men urge morality and the courage to stand up for one's rights.
The Front (1976)
The Front is Woody Allen's satirical comedy on the McCarthy-era blacklists in the entertainment field. Though the film is not directly related to Good Night, and Good Luck , there are similar thematic values that run through them. Both films urge the American people to stand up for who they are, to open up about their opinions and not to be tricked into staying silent. McCarthyism investigations are portrayed to destroy the lives of American citizens. Furthermore, at the very end of The Front, the film adds bravery and heroism to the list of values. Much like Edward Murrow in Good Night, and Good Luck , Howard Prince finally understands that he must flip the status quo, criticize government officials, and he comes out as a hero.
Salt of the Earth (1954)
Salt of the Earth seemingly has nothing to do with Good Night, and Good Luck, except that it is made by blacklisted filmmakers, people who suffered from McCarthy's persecutions. Salt of the Earth was the only film ever blacklisted. The film centers on the civil rights and women's rights struggles of Mexican Americans in a New Mexico mining town. The film does have some similarities, though, with Good Night, and Good Luck in the way these struggles are portrayed. The white Americans treat the Mexican Americans as if they don't belong. They have a complete disregard for the civil liberties that the Chicanos deserve. Moreover, the Mexicans are treated as less than citizens, and the women are treated as less than persons. They have no rights, at first. Throughout the movie, however, both oppressed groups join together to assert their dignity and their right to individual liberties. They embody courage as Murrow did in Good Night, and Good Luck .

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