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0:02:56 Madison Heming’s Story
Madison Hemings: Confirming the Illegitimate Link by Watson Sweat
0:15:25 "I wants to get paid"
Jefferson in Paris: James and Jefferson’s Character by Nelson Calero
0:32:43 Jefferson and Maria Cosway playing a duet
“Madame Cosway Plays Well”: A Battle of Emotions in Jefferson in Paris by Dan Carr
0:46:07 Jefferson re-appears at opera
Jefferson in Paris: Temptation at the Opera by Chris Hall
0:51:21 Hot Air Balloon
Where’s the Love? Jefferson in the Woods in Jefferson in Paris by Greg Jakes
0:55:45 "For you I would try anything!"
The Head and Heart Kiss by Matt Sakalosky
1:04:40 Patsy and Jefferson: “No one shall ever come between us.”
Jefferson's Other Intimate Relationship in Paris by Kevin Campbell
1:14:13 Jefferson’s Advice
Jefferson in Paris—Freedom in France by Dallas Gage
1:23:56 Sally and Jefferson alone
Sally, Jefferson’s Puppet in Paris by Adam Baker
1:30:31 Jefferson Offers Payment to Sally
Jefferson, with Child, in Paris by Chris McHugh
1:35:00 Sally Dressing Patsy
Jefferson in Paris: Sally Meets her Match by Erin Wildeman
1:45:26 Patsy with Maria Cosway (2)
Patsy’s Scorching Anger: Patsy and Maria by the Fire in Jefferson in Paris by Anna Robertson
1:45:26 Patsy with Maria Cosway (1)
Jefferson in Paris: Mistresses Unite by Kathryn Martin
1:48:33 Sally, Jefferson, and the Buckle
“The Buckle Scene”: A Turning Point in Jefferson in Paris by Raquel Santos
1:49:27 Maria visits Jefferson in Garden
Jefferson in Paris, Maria in the Garden, Sally in a Scheme by Sabrina Velazquez
1:52:45 End of the happy days
Jefferson in Paris: The Garden Scene by Brian Levy
1:55:15 Consummation
Jefferson and Sally “Do It” in Paris by Keiko Akamine
2:00:16 Patsy and Jefferson: “Monticello is yours”
The Tug-of-War for Jefferson’s Attention in Jefferson in Paris by Jenna Goldenberg
2:03:00 Sally Pregnant (2)
James Meets Sally in Jefferson in Paris by Brandi Klotz
2:03:00 Sally Pregnant (1)
Mise en scene with James and Sally in Jefferson in Paris by Emre Turan
2:07:23 James confronts Jefferson: “Sally and I are staying.”
The Final Affair: James and Sally Vie for Freedom in Jefferson in Paris by Kristina Gonzalez