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40 ordinary people sat down as strangers
and stood up as one

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United 93 is a film that depicts one of the horrible events that took place on September 11, 2001. On this day, four United Airline American flights are hijacked, with three of them reaching their intended targets: the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. The fourth plane, United 93, is the focus of this movie. The tense emotions of the four Arab hijackers are vividly seen, as the film concentrates on their motives in preparing to hi-jack the plane. Director Paul Greengrass attempts to re-create what may have happened inside the plane on this terrifying day. The film shows the passengers boarding Flight 93, headed for San Francisco, and the way that the Arabian men were able to get through the airport, facing no security problems. It then depicts the unfolding of events inside the plane, with the actors reflecting the emotions that must have been felt at this time. The struggle of the passengers to stop these men from taking their lives is the main focus of the film, and the intense phone calls to family members are also portrayed. The Air Traffic Control Center is seen struggling and ultimately failing to help the situation at hand. The film highlights the courage and fight-for-life of the passengers, ending tragically, of course, with the crash in Pennsylvania, though the terrorists had targeted Washington, D.C.