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0:00:02 Prayers in the Hotel Room
View of Islamic man in hotel room saying a prayer. Then see him and another Islamic man decide that it "is time."
0:01:05 View of New York City
Audience presented with a sky view of the lights and buildings of New York City in the darkness. We are able to hear the prayers in the background of the Islamic men.
0:01:25 Return to Hotel
We see the men getting ready to leave the hotel. They continue to pray in Islamic language while rocking back and forth on their knees together.
0:01:54 Final departure of the men
We see one Islam man in the bathroom sharpening a knife. They soon depart the hotel. It is now daylight, and they are heading to the Newark Airport by car.
0:02:25 Atmosphere at the Airport
The men arrive at the airport, and we see the usual hustle and bustle that is constantly happening at airports – the long lines, people looking distressed, and the shuffling of bags.
0:03:21 Image of the Airline
The camera spans to other American United flights getting ready to take off out of Newark.
0:03:45 Introduction of Pilots
Captain Jason Dahl (played by J.J. Johnson) and his assistant, First Officer LeRoy Homer, Jr., are shown walking through the airport and boarding the plane. The five female flight attendants are also shown walking behind them and boarding the plane following them.
0:04:30 Security Failure
The four Islamic men -- Saeed Al Ghamdi, Ahmed Al Haznawi, Ahmed Al Nami, and Ziad Jarrah -- are shown going through security with no problems. They show a sense of nervousness as they successfully make their way through. The men are then shown sitting in the waiting area with the other passengers, sitting mostly in silence with a small moment of conversation in the Islamic language. They are surrounded by people on their cell phones, unsuspecting of anything.
0:06:17 Fueling of the Plane
The camera goes to an image of the plane on Flight 93 being fueled successfully.
0:06:33 Air Traffic Control Introduced
We are shown the setting of the National Air Control Center, and the members clap for the promotion of their head, Ben Sliney. They exchange "Good mornings," and we learn that the air-traffic seems to be decently heavy today because of the President being in flight.
0:08:20 Back to the plane on Flight 93
The pilot makes an agreement with a flight attendant to mark her knock, telling her to use three knocks, then one to let her in. At 8:40:37 we see a shot of the people waiting in their gate (number 17) to be called to board United Airlines Flight 93. At 9:03:22 the people are called and begin boarding the plane. The four hijackers look nervous as they do.
0:10:55 Final Call for Flight 93
There is a final call made throughout the airport for United Airlines Flight 93, headed for San Francisco International Airport. One man runs to make the flight.
0:11:40 Air Traffic Control Headquarters in Boston
Introduction of another air traffic control center, in which we see one employee giving instructions for American Airlines Flight 11.
0:12:20 Captain’s Words
Return to the scene on Flight 93. The character of Captain Jason Dahl is heard introducing himself to the passengers, telling them of their arrival time in San Francisco, and telling them it is a beautiful day for flying.
0:13:49 Air Traffic Control Center and Flight 11
We are brought back to the Air Traffic Center of Mr. Ben Sliney. An employee tracking American Airlines Flight 11 heading from Boston to Los Angeles International realizes the Captain is not responding to him.
0:16:10 The Beginning of Realization
They are still trying to get in contact with Flight 11. The Boston controller watching the flight hears a foreign voice on the control and knows it is not American. Tells his supervisor, John Moraitis, and believes the plane to be in a hijack situation.
0:18:12 More Word
We are brought back to the main Air Traffic Control Center where they have received word about a possible hijack on Flight 11. They are still uncertain if it is actually happening, and Sliney goes into a meeting where they discuss almost playfully the last time a hijack incident had happened.
0:19:37 Delay for Flight 93
Captain Dahl tells the passengers of a delay because of rush hour traffic. The Islamic men are shown looking distressed, and Ziad Jarrah (played by Khalid Abdalla) is muttering Islamic words under his breath.
0:20:26 Chaos Begins
Back in the Boston Air Traffic Control Center, no contact has been made with Flight 11. They begin to review the tapes of what the possible hijackers had said over the system. More, we are introduced to the Northeast Air Defense Sector in Rome, NY. They are informed of the possible hijack situation. Begin to track the flight and begin to make contact with the FAA.
0:25:09 Sliney is Informed
We see Sliney still in his meeting. An employee comes in and tells him of the Boston Flight 11 information, where they learn a hijack situation is definitely taking place. The flight has turned southbound, and the Boston center is no longer able to track the plane.
0:28:07 Planes
After reviewing the tapes in Boston, it is intently discovered that the hi-jacker had used the word "planes" in his message. This notifies them that there is going to be more hijacked planes they have to watch out for.
0:29:11 United 93 Takeoff
The plane on Flight United 93 is seen taking off. The passengers are shown in the camera, dramatic music is playing, and shots of the Islamic men followed by a shot of the cockpit are shown.
0:30:34 New York Air Traffic Control
In Ronkonkoma, NY, the Air Control Center is informed of possible hijack situations. They are told to keep an eye on the situation.
0:33:18 Disaster Begins Slowly
Sliney's Air Traffic Center learns of the message Boston has uncovered. The NY Center loses sight of American Flight 11. The Northeast Air defense begins to scramble to send out their OTIS fighter planes.
0:36:00 World Trade Center One
The smoke is seen first by the men working at the Newark Airport Center. The Boston Air Traffic Center learns of the smoke that occurred because a small plane had crashed into it. They also learn they have lost the signal of American Flight 11 somewhere over New York City. CNN shows the World Trade Center on TV to the National Control Center.
0:39:31 Reactions
We are brought back to the Boston Center, and the signal to United Flight 175 is now lost. It becomes a bit chaotic here, and the fight to control the traffic in the sky is deepening. They believe this loss of signal to be another hijacking incident. The National Control Center learns the plane was United Flight 11 and desperately tries to contact military liaisons.
0:44:07 World Trade Center Two
At the Newark Airport Control Center, workers watch as the second plane, Flight 175, hits the World Trade Center. The military starts sending fighter planes over Manhattan.
0:44:52 The Early Beginnings
Back on Flight 93, two of the Islamic men, Ziad Jarrah and Ahmed Al Nami, converse in Islamic. Al Nami is telling the other they have "to do it now."
0:47:04 More Confusion
Every plane flying into Boston, Washington, and NY is stopped. There is too much traffic in the sky to get clearance from the FAA to send in OTIS planes. We learn United Flight 11 is still in the sky and had not crashed into the building. Also, American Flight 77 has not been responding for the past twenty five minutes to Air Traffic Centers. The FAA is not clearing the fighter planes to enter.
0:53:45 More Action Needed
The Northeast Defense Center calls for the president to give them the go-ahead on the fighter planes, which does not happen. All the Traffic Control Centers are waiting to hear from the military for their help. Sliney realizes they need to start taking action or more problems will occur.
0:55:49 The Start
One of the Islamic men, Ahmed Al Haznawi, goes into the bathroom on the plane and begins to create a type of bomb with supplies he has brought. He puts the finishing piece under his jacket as he enters the cabin. Another hijacker slashes one of the flight attendants soon after and a random man – both of them sitting in first class. The business class hears the commotion but is confused.
1:01:08 Pilots Down
Ziad Jarrah goes toward the cockpit with Al Ghamdi, orders the flight attendant to let him in and kills Dahl and Homer, Jr. He begins to take control of the plane. The passengers see a stabbed passenger, and we see Jarrah placing a picture of the Pentagon on the windshield of the plane.
1:03:26 No More Response
The Boston Center now has no response from United 93 and only heard screams. The passengers are terrified as the Islamic men make their way into business class and scream at them in Islamic. The hijackers learn their "brothers" have already hit both targets.
1:10:37 Begging for Authority
The National Control Center demands the military planes to take action. There is still no allowance from the FAA or the President so no action can be readily taken.
1:12:45 Phone Calls Begin
The Passengers on Flight 93 are seen calling for help from those at home. One flight attendant learns of the pilot's death, and the passengers overhear her telling the others.
1:16:23 Angst over Washington
Flight Delta 1989 is found to have been hijacked by the Air Traffic Control Center. American Flight 11 is heading toward Washington, and no military moves have been made yet.
1:18:49 Pentagon Fire
CNN breaks through with a fire at the Mall in Washington.
1:20:50 Passengers Informed
The passengers on Flight United 93 find out about the planes that hit the World Trade Center. A small group of men passengers realize they have to begin to fight back in order to try and save their own lives. They begin to make a plan to do so. The hijackers become afraid the passengers will attack and begin getting angry, screaming and stabbing. Goodbye phone calls are being made throughout the cabin.
1:33:47 God Willing
The last prayers of both the passengers and the Islamic men in the cockpit are brought the attention of the viewer.
1:35:04 The Last Try
The small group of men passengers attack the two Islamic men not in the cockpit. The hijacker pilot is informed of this and knows he must speed up to reach his target. An intense fight breaks out, screams are heard, and it is a serious struggle for all to live.
1:42:30 Disaster
Despite the tries of the passengers to take the pilot away from steering their plane, they were unable to stop him from crashing the plane into the ground. The plane landed in Shanksville, Pennsylvania, killing all forty-four of the people aboard, including the four hijackers.