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0:07:13 Ben Sliney, Supervisor of the National Traffic Control Center the morning of September 11, 2001
"Good, it will be a good day in the East Coast."
0:17:55 Boston air controller telling his supervisor they need to review the tapes of the voice coming in from Flight United 11
"I think we have a hi-jack situation." "What makes you think that?" "Just trust me – I heard the guy in my ear. Just check it out. You need to check it out."
0:22:01 Northeast Air Defense female worker to supervisor
"We have a real life situation here. American Airlines Flight 11. It's a 757 out of Boston to Los Angeles International. 12 passengers on it."
0:28:36 Male member of Northeast Air Defense Sector telling supervisor what he discovered about the message on the tape for Flight 11
"It's uh…PLANES…planes, yes…plural!"
0:35:56 Ben Sliney in regard to seeing CNN reporting on the first World Trade Center
"I've got a bad feeling about this. I'll tell you right now."
0:49:37 Captain Jason Dahl
"Two planes have crashed into the World Trade Center? We just flew out of Newark and the weather was beautiful!"
First Officer LeRoy Homer: "Must have been student pilots."
0:58:20 Passenger aboard flight United 93 right before the attacks began
"New York was like Emerald City! It was beautiful…the sun coming up behind the buildings…"
1:02:41 Saeed Al Ghamdi upon killing the first flight attendant
"In the name of God!"
1:07:30 Terrorists: Our time has come
Ziad Jarrah: "The brothers have hit both targets!"
Saeed Al Ghami: "Should I tell the others?"
Ziad Jarrah: "Yes. Tell them our time has come! Our time has come!"
1:09:36 Male passenger on the United 93 Flight to another male, both who will try to fight for their lives in the end.
"I'm a pilot. I've been flying all my life. I'm just…something's wrong here."
1:20:03 Ben Sliney giving orders to the National Control Center
"I don't want a board full of planes hitting every building on the east coast. This is a National Emergency! Everyone lands regardless of destination!"
1:25:27 Thomas Burnett, Jr. , passenger on flight 93 who proposes plan to fight back
–"Hey, this is a suicide mission – we have to do something."
1:30:56 Phone call from a passenger aboard flight 93 during the incident
"If I don't make it out of this alive, will you please promise to call my family. Uh, just tell them I love them. Tell my wife and boys that I love them."
1:33:41 Passenger Todd Beamer
"Are you guys ready? Let's roll! Come on, let's go!"
1:41:00 End cards
Title card: Of the four aircraft hijacked that day, United 93 was the only one that did not reach its target. It crashed near Shanksville, Pennsylvania at 10:03am. No one survived.
Title card: Military commanders were not notified that United 93 had been hijacked until four minutes after it had crashed. The nearest fighter jets were 100 miles away.
Title card: At 10:18am, the President authorized the military to engage hijacked aircraft. Fearing an accidental shoot down, military commanders chose not to pass the order to pilots in the air.
Title card: By 12:06pm every civilian airliner over America had been forced to land. Amidst an unprecedented military mobilization, US airspace was closed until further notice.
Title card: Dedicated to the memory of all those who lost their lives on September 11, 2001.