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Scene outline keyed to the DVD precedes the detailed scene log by Bradley Alexander below.

1) The Trouble Begins [scenes 1-4]

-- Lone man and howling dogs foreshadow approaching trouble
-- Evil shaman Tuurngarjuaq and clan leader Kumaglak square off (1:02)
-- Title (2:29)
-- Qulitalik (brother-in-law of Kumaglak) and Niriuniq leave the camp [out of sequence?] (2:43)
-- Tuurngarjuaq and Kumaglak engage in ritual spiritual combat, Kumaglak loses, Sauri becomes leader (4:51)
--The new regime humiliates Tulimaq (father of young Atanarjuat and Aamarjuaq), Kumaglak's ally, as hunting success eludes him and his family suffers severe distress (7:10)
--Tulimaq is given only the "rear parts" to eat (12:26)
--Tulimaq tries to stay optimistic in front of his family; Panikpak, wife of Kumaglak, brings food to help them, indicating that the boys will be saviors (13:50)
--Twenty years pass

2) Atanarjuat and Atuat (minutes 16-44) (scenes 5-9)

-- Twenty years have passed: Atanarjuat and Aamarjuaq are men
-- Oki's gang (Oki is Sauri's son) unsuccessfully try to bully Atanarjuat and Aamarjuaq (16)
-- The clan plays the "Wolf game"; Atanarjuat is "it," and Atuat allows herself to be caught, angering Oki, to whom she is betrothed, so that he challenges Atanarjuat (18:25)
-- Panikpak and Atuat talk about Atuat marrying Oki, something neither want to happen (22:04)
-- Oki threatens to kill Aamarjuaq; Aamarjuaq blows him off (24:10)
-- Oki challenges Atanarjuat, who has just come back from a successful hunt (26:30)
-- Building the igloo where the fight will occur (30:07)
-- Puja, Oki's sister, makes a flirty visit to Atanarjuat as he works on the igloo (31:04)
-- Atanarjuat and Aamarjuaq talk about the upcoming fight (32:30)
-- Fight preliminaries (1): Sauri exults in anticipated marriage of Oki to Atuat (34:27)
-- Fight preliminaries (2): Oki and Atanarjuat spar a bit (34:54)
-- Fight preliminaries (3): Atuat enters, is indecisive about who sit with till Panikpak invites her (35:31)
-- Fight preliminaries (4): Sauri's song (35:57)
-- Fight preliminaries (5): Atuat and Puja in singing game (36:31)
-- Fight preliminaries (6): Aamarjuaq in a cheek-pulling fight (36:41)
-- Fight preliminaries (7): Oki leads ribald song (37:19)
-- Fight preliminaries (8): Atanarjuat does the same (37:59)
-- Fight itself (39:15)
-- After Atanarjuat wins, Atuat chooses him (42:30)

3) Atanarjuat and Puja (minutes 44-1:02) (scenes10-12)

-- Joyful scene of Atanarjuat and the pregnant Atuat (44:00)
-- Camp discussion about hunting and second wives (47:09)
-- Atanarjuat is paired with Puja at Sauri's camp (48:42)
-- Atanarjuat and Puja head out together (53:21)
-- Foreplay begins: they stop to make camp (55:29)
-- Later, singing outside tent (57:32)
-- At camp fire (58:52)
-- Lovemaking (1:00:38)

4) Puja causes trouble (minutes 1:02-1:10) (scenes 13-14)

-- Atuat and Kumaglak scorned by second wife Puja (1:02:30)
-- Family conference over Puja's behavior, without her present (1:03:27)
-- The adultery: Puja and Aamarjuaq, Atanarjuat and Aamarjuaq fight, Puja runs (1:06:18)
-- Puja returns home, lying, accusing Atanarjuat of mistreatment, stoking up Oki to revenge (1:08:35)

5) Oki murders Aamarjuaq (minutes 1:10-1:27) (scenes 15-16)

-- Ulluriag, Aamarjuaq's wife, and Atuat discuss the messy situation (1:11:01)
-- Puja returns, seemingly seeking forgiveness, which the women grant (1:12:35)
-- Atanarjuat and Aamarjuaq return; Puja is forgiven by all (1:17:34)
-- Aamarjuaq is forgiven (1:18:58)
-- The brothers urinate together, bond, sleep in a tent; the women leave (1:20:00)
-- Oki and his crew approach (1:22:47)
-- The murdering begins (1:25:56)

6) Atanarjuat escapes; Oki chases (minutes 1:27-1:47) (scenes 16-20)

-- Atanarjuat escapes, naked (1:27:02)
-- The women return to find the dead Aamarjuaq and the missing Atanarjuat (1:28:07)
-- The chase continues (1:30:56)
-- Qulitalik prepares for Atanarjuat (1:35:21)
-- Atanarjuat finally collapses, having eluded Oki for now (1:37:36)
-- Atanarjuat is rescued by Qulitalik and family (1:38:28)
-- Oki arrives, unknowingly urinates on the hidden Atanarjuat (1:40:45)
-- Oki eats with Qulitalik and family (1:44:44)
-- Oki decides to leave; Atanarjuat is safe (1:46:03)

7) Oki rapes Atuat (minutes 1:47-1:57) (scenes 20-22)

-- Panikpak, Atuat, and Puja -- no love lost (1:46:52)
-- Sauri obstructs Oki's claim to Atuat (1:49:43)
-- Atanarjuat healing (1:51:10)
-- Atuat foraging for food; without her husband her condition is worsening (1:53:15)
-- The rape (155:04)
-- Panikpak consoles Atuat (1:55:54)

8) Oki murders Sauri (minutes 1:57-2:08) (scenes 23-24)

-- Atanarjuat preparing to leave Qulitalik (1:57:09)
-- Atanarjuat and Qulitalik discuss the return (2:00:28)
-- The murder (2:01:43)
-- Sauri is mourned; Oki now becomes the leader (2:03:50)
-- Panikpak calls for Qulitalik to help (2:07:51)
-- Qulitalik will join Atanarjuat in return (2:08:12)

9) Atanarjuat's return (minutes 2:08-2:30) (scenes 24-27)

-- Qulitalik's ceremony with the rabbit feet (2:08:42)
-- Oki catches the rabbit (2:09:40)
-- Oki eating the rabbit; his mood mellows (2:10:37)
-- Atanarjuat returns (2:12:58)
-- Atanarjuat embraces Atuat and replaces her rag-outfit with new clothes (2:15:43)
-- Atanarjuat rips Puja's nice clothing, symbolizing his disgust with her (2:17:58)
-- Atanarjuat building the igloo for the return festivities (2:20:18)
-- Atanarjuat assures Atuat that everything will be alright (2:20:49)
-- Atanarjuat preparing his secret weapons (2:21:32)
-- Atuat invites Oki to the party (2:22:10)
-- The party begins; both sides exchange pleasantries and Oki and Atanarjuat seem to bond (2:24:29)
-- The fight begins; Atanarjuat wins and declines to kill (2:26:43)
-- Qulitalik and Panikpak take charge of the interregnum (2:29:05)

10) The Healing (minutes 2:30-2:38) (scene 28)

-- Qulitalik begins the ceremony (2:30:07)
-- The evil shaman Tuurngarjuaq, who started all the trouble, returns and is exorcised (2:31:04)
-- Panikpak sums up the situation and passes sentence on the evil ones (2:33:12)
-- Oki, Puja are exiled (2:35:06)
-- Kumaglak returns through the child; order is restored (2:36:35)

11) Credits (minutes 2:38-2:40:30)

-- Scenes of the making of the film and participants in modern dress and actions
0:00:03 Dogs Howling
Lone Man and howling dogs foreshadow the approaching trouble.
0:01:02 Conflict Escalation
Evil shaman Tuurngarjuaq and clan leader Kumaglak square off. The children are told to leave the cave.
0:02:29 Title
Sound of man running.
0:02:43 Leaving Camp
Qulitalik and Niriuniq prepare to leave camp by icing the sleds and tying cargo down. The two ride off into the distance.
0:04:51 Shaman Showdown
Tuurngarjuaq and Kumaglak engage in spiritual combat. The two are tied up on the ground and begin to fight. Kumaglak loses, and Sauri becomes the new leader.
0:07:10 Hunting Troubles
The men return from hunting, and it seems everyone has had success except Tulimaq, and he and his family are ridiculed. This is a cause of deep distress for his family.
0:12:26 Rear Parts
Tulimaq is given only the rear parts of the seal to eat because of his lack of hunting luck.
0:13:50 I get by with a little help from my friends
While Tulimaq remains positive and smiling in front of his family -- "the hunting will be better soon" -- Panikpak, who is the wife of Kumaglak, brings food to help them. She brings a walrus heart to the children -- "they will help us all one day," she says, foreshadowing the boys' destiny.
0:16:28 Twenty Years Pass
Atanarjuat and Aamarjuaq are now grown men. Aamarjuaq urges Atanarjuat to lift a rock harder but it is too heavy for him: "If you want to lift heavy rocks, think of it as a woman's butt. Then you'll be able to lift it." Aamarjuaq pushes Atanarjuat into the snow.
0:17:23 Oki the Bully
Oki and his gang try to bully Aamarjuaq and Atanarjuat into giving them their dogs and sled, but Atanarjuat is too fast, and they run down Oki and take the sled back.
0:18:25 Wolf Games
The clan plays the wolf game -- Atanarjuat is "it," and Atuat allows herself to be caught by him. This angers Oki because Atuat is betrothed to him. Aamarjuaq tackles Oki then Oki threatens Atanarjuat to stay away from Atuat. Puja takes Atanarjuat away from the fight.
0:23:00 Panikpak talks to Atuat
Panikpak talks to Atuat about naming her for her mother, then the conversation changes to not wanting to marry Oki because he is evil just like his father.
0:25:30 Oki Returns
Oki returns from hunting and is angry for not being able to keep up with Atanarjuat, so he beats up a dog. Oki challenges Aamarjuaq, but he is blown off. Puja: "my brother is a real jerk."
0:27:45 Atanarjuat Returns
Atanarjuat returns from a successful hunt, and his mother is thrilled as is the rest of the village. Puja flirts more with Atanarjuat. Because of the large bounty, Tulimaq says he will hold a feast at his home with games and food.
0:29:58 Atanarjuat versus Oki
Atanarjuat goes towards Atuat, but Oki steps in and challenges Atanarjuat to a fight.
0:31:05 Igloo Building
The igloo where the fight will be held is built by the men in the village.
0:32:15 Puja's Visit
Puja comes to the construction site to flirt with Atanarjuat. She brings him something to drink while he works. He is pushed by Oki, and they are told to save their strength for the night's fight.
0:34:20 Pre-Fight Peptalk
While making drums, Atanarjuat and Aamarjuaq have a conversation about the upcoming fight and the conflict with Oki.
0:35:37 Preliminaries Part 1
Sauri is excited about Oki's marriage to Atuat. Oki and Atanarjuat go at it in the igloo after Atanarjuat bumps into Oki. Atuat enters and is unsure who to sit with until she is invited by Panikpak.
0:37:15 Songs
The village breaks out in song in the igloo where the fight is to be held. Then Atuat and Puja start a singing game with each other.
0:38:14 Stop Pulling my Leg/Cheek
Aamarjuaq gets into a cheek-pulling competition.
0:38:30 Songs Part 2
Oki leads a song with a drum then Atanarjuat does the same. Atanarjuat shakes his "rear parts" at Oki then sticks his tongue out at him. Oki is held back.
0:40:35 The Fight
Oki wins the "bone flip" so he gets the first blow. Oki strikes with a fist to the temple. Atanarjuat recoils in pain. Then Atanarjuat hits Oki. The fight goes on until Atanarjuat is declared the winner. After he wins, Atuat chooses Atanarjuat to marry.
0:45:30 Atanarjuat on a Boat
We see Atanarjuat rowing in on a kayak, and everyone is excited to see him. Atuat is now pregnant with Atanarjuat's baby. They seem very happy together. Aamarjuaq greets Atanarjuat and comments on his catch.
0:49:00 I am the Walrus Coo Coo Ca Choo
There is a camp discussion about hunting: who will stay and who will hunt. Then the discussion of second wives is brought up. Atuat is not happy about Atanarjuat getting another wife.
0:50:40 Atanarjuat and Puja
Puja rushes to greet Atanarjuat when he arrives at Sauri's camp. Oki is surprisingly friendly as he shows off his new wife. Atanarjuat is invited to stay with them for a while. Food is prepared and the camp dines together. Puja is going with Atanarjuat, and Oki lends them a two-person tent.
0:55:15 Eskimo Kisses
Atanarjuat and Puja walking with packs and dogs. They stop to make camp, and the foreplay begins. Atanarjuat is hogging all the water and won't let Puja have any, jokingly. Atanarjuat is pitching the tent while Puja sings and gathers blanket material. Puja puts her hands up Atanarjuat's jacket, then he picks her up and puts her on his back and runs her around.
0:59:28 Singing Outside the Tent
The two love birds are outside the tent singing about their love.
1:00:00 Campfire Chills
Puja gets the chills and decides to go into the tent to warm up. Atanarjuat warms up her hands with his; however, she still wants to go inside. Atanarjuat sticks his hand up Puja's jacket to warm her up even more.
1:02:00 The Birds and the Bees
1:04:01 Puja's Bad Behavior
Atuat and Atanarjuat's baby is walking around then falls down outside the tent. Puja makes fun of Atuat then goes for a walk and tells Atuat to clean up the tent while she's gone. The camp is sitting around eating quietly. Atuat then complains that Puja is bossy and lazy, and she is unhappy about it.
1:08:41 The Scarlet Letter
Six people sleeping in a tent. Puja and Aamarjuaq begin to have sex in the tent while everyone else is still sleeping. Atanarjuat hits Puja then Aamarjuaq tackles Atanarjuat, and they fight while others are crying.
1:11:07 Puja returns
Puja returns to her camp crying and tells Oki that Atanarjuat mistreated her. Oki gets mad and goes after the brothers.
1:13:00 Atuat and Ulluriaq
Atuat and Ulluriaq have a discussion about their husbands and the adultery incident. Puja then shows up crying saying she is sorry and she will do all the work if they forgive her, which they do.
1:20:09 Atanarjuat and Aamarjuaq Return
The brothers come home, and Puja is forgiven by all. Puja hugs her husband as Atuat walks away disgusted. Ulluriaq then forgives Aamarjuaq and everything is ok now. Puja says she will clean while the other women go for a walk.
1:23:00 Brotherly Love
The brothers urinate together, bond, and sleep in a tent together. The two talk about how Ulluriaq is pregnant and he wants a son who is as fast as Atanarjuat.
1:25:36 Oki and his crew
We see Oki and his crew approaching Aamarjuaq and Atanarjuat's tent. They say they will wait for the women to leave before they strike. Puja says goodbye, and the women leave. Oki waits till the brothers are sleeping to attack.
1:26:52 Oki and his Spear
The brothers are sleeping when Oki and his men approach the tent. Oki and his crew strike, and Oki kills Aamarjuaq with his spear. Atanarjuat jumps up and starts running, naked, from the men.
1:30:05 The Great Escape
Atanarjuat takes off running away from the men as fast as he can.
1:31:10 Aamarjuaq is Dead
The women return to find Aamarjuaq dead and Atanarjuat gone.
1:34:11 The Chase Continues
Atanarjuat continues to run naked away from Oki who is in pursuit. Atanarjuat falls into the freezing water. Oki also falls into the water. "I won't sleep till you're dead." Qulitalik prepares eggs for Atanarjuat.
1:41:10 Sleep at Last
Atanarjuat, bloodied and tired, finally collapses, having eluded Oki for now.
1:41:55 Rescued
Atanarjuat is rescued by Qulitalik and family. Atanarjuat wakes up to the family's gazes, and he tells them Oki is after him and killed his brother. The family helps heal Atanarjuat's wounds.
1:43:33 Hidden
The family decides to hide Atanarjuat from the approaching Oki. They put him in the seaweed where he won't be seen. Oki unknowingly "pisses" on Atanarjuat in the seaweed. Atanarjuat is silent, and Oki does not see him. Oki and his men threaten Qulitalik then are invited to stay for eggs. When the men are finished they say goodbye and leave.
1:51:07 Safe at Last
Atanarjuat gets up from the seaweed covered in urine.
1:51:32 Desperate Housewives
Puja, Atuat, and Panikpak are working together as a family at last. Atuat and Puja get into an argument.
1:53:38 Sauri Says No
Sauri obstructs Oki's claim to Atuat. Oki says he assumes Atanarjuat is dead because no one can survive on the ice. Oki refuses to acknowledge that Atanarjuat got away.
1:55:42 Atanarjuat Heals
Atanarjuat heals and rehabilitates his legs and feet.
1:57:32 Poor Atuat
Atuat is foraging for food; without her husband her condition is worsening. Atuat puts the baby on Panikpak's back.
2:00:12 The Rape
Oki shows up and rapes Atuat while Oki's men hold her down. After, Panikpak consoles the disturbed Atuat.
2:05:40 Time to Go
Atanarjuat is preparing to leave Qulitalik, and Qulitalik discusses the journey home with him. Atanarjuat is ready to go.
2:07:41 Patricide
Oki stabs Sauri so he can have Atuat. Oki says his father tripped and fell on his knife. Oki comes back with Sauri's body on the sled. Sauri is mourned by all; Oki becomes the new leader.
2:12:53 The Last of the Seal Oil
Hard times continue for Atuat and baby. She refuses to go to Oki, but with Sauri gone, they will have no food or seal oil. Panikpak calls Qulitalik for help. Qulitalik says he will join Atanarjuat in the return to camp.
2:16:23 Rabbit
Oki sees a rabbit and catches and kills it. Oki invites Atuat to eat rabbit with him, she refuses. While eating the rabbit, Oki's mood changes and he becomes more relaxed.
2:19:44 Atanarjuat Returns
Atanarjuat comes back with Qulitalik. Atuat sees Atanarjuat and the dog team coming home. Atuat is so happy to see Atanarjuat. He comments on her clothes then gives her new ones. He then moves to Puja and rips her clothes and says she doesn't deserve new ones. Puja runs away crying.
2:27:25 Igloo Party
Atanarjuat prepares the igloo for the return festivities. Atanarjuat makes the floor of the igloo extra slippery.
2:28:12 Everything is Gunna be Alright
Atanarjuat assures Atuat that everything will be okay. Atanarjuat prepares his secret weapons and hides them.
2:30:13 The Invitation
Atuat invites Oki to the party so there won't be any hard feelings. Oki insists he has no such feelings for Atanarjuat, which is very strange.
2:32:05 The Party
The party starts, and both sides say hello to each other and go inside to eat meat. They discuss hunting while they eat in the igloo. They make plans to hunt together the next summer season.
2:34:42 The Fight (2)
Atanarjuat puts on his spikes and prepares for battle. Atanarjuat walks in, and the fight begins. Oki and his men are defenseless against Atanarjuat and his cleats. Atanarjuat wins the fight but declines to kill Oki.
2:37:10 A New Leader
Qulitalik removes the necklace from Oki and gives it to Atanarjuat, who becomes the new clan leader.
2:37:44 The Healing
Qulitalik begins the ceremony with a ritual. The evil shaman Tuurngarjuag returns and is exorcised by Qulitalik and Panikpak.
2:41:02 The Resolution
Panikpak sums up what has been going on and sentences the evil ones, Oki and Puja. Oki and Puja are exiled.
2:45:31 Kumaglak Returns
Kumaglak returns through the child, and order is finally restored.