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Key passages by Rahul Yukich
0:01:59 Trouble looms
Sauri (as the shamans prepare to fight): Tulimaq, take the children out!
0:05:01 Evil
Panikpak: We'll never know who he was, or why it happened. Evil came to us. It just happened.
0:06:32 Murder
Qulitalik: You helped him murder your own father! Tulimaq is the one they'll go after now.
0:12:13 Taunting
Sauri: Tulimaq, come get a little something for your empty belly! Tulimaq, the great hunter! Your share is the rear end, as usual. Maybe your wife is a better hunter? You can stay home tomorrow and do the cooking and sewing!
0:15:00 Generosity
Panikpak (to Tulimaq and his wife): Here's a piece of walrus heart, your sons need to eat more.
0:15:40 Hope
Tulimaq: When my sons grow up I'll never be treated like this again.
0:15:50 Motherly love
Mother: Here Amaqjuat, eat. Share with your brother. You must never forget to take care of Atanarjuat.
0:16:25 Locker-room humor
Amaqjuat (to Atanarjuat, who's trying to lift a rock): If you want to lift a heavy rock, think of it as a woman's butt!
0:17:00 Oki’s character
Oki (bullying the two brothers): Our dogs ran home, I'm tired of walking. We'll borrow yours!
0:17:25 Stand up for yourself
Amajquat (responding to the bullying): Brother, run them down!
0:19:20 Flirtation
Puja (during the Wolf game): Nobody can ever catch Atuat, except the lovely Atanarjuat!
0:19:29 Courtship
Atanarjuat: Maybe Atuat wants to be caught . . . especially when we play wolf on the skin.
Puja: Ooh, Atanarjuat!
0:20:15 Intimate moment
Atanarjuat (to Atuat, whom he has "caught"): I wolf you.
0:21:15 Jealousy
Oki (to Atanarjuat): You little . . .! You're trying to steal my promised wife. Let's do it right now.
Pakak: Oki . . .
0:23:25 Concern
Panikpak: Little Mother, I don't want you to marry my grandson, Oki . . . He's a mean man just like his father. Ever since that stranger murdered my father the evil lives in both of them.
Atuat: How can I refuse Oki, when our fathers already agreed?
0:25:53 Threats
Atuat: Why is Oki so angry?
Amaqjuat: His dogs can't keep up with me. He's fed up always running behind.
Oki: What? What did you say? If you think you can laugh in my face, I'll kill you!
Amaqjuat: When will that be (laughing).
Puja: My brother is a real jerk.
0:29:05 Verbal confrontation
Oki: What are you looking at?
Atanarjuat: Me? I'm looking at Atuat.
Oki: If you want Atuat you'll have to go through me. You brothers think you can do anything. Now somebody's going to get hurt.
0:37:08 Pregame ritual taunting
Oki: A big man will not even bring home enough food / If what's hanging between your thighs gets stiff / don't let it blast off!
Atanarjuat: Who blames friends for his empty bed? / Normal people do it in the right place. / But you always get it in the wrong one.
0:42:09 Sore loser
Sauri: I'm the boss here, Atuat's already promised to us.
Panikpak: My grandson bet for Atuat by his own choice.
0:57:07 Joy
Atanarjuat and Atuat sing: How hard for us / To find a lover / But through this dream between our worlds / Finally we found each other.
1:07:32 Shocked
Atanarjuat (to Amaqjuat, on finding him having sex with Puja): Not you older brother!
1:09:00 Insincere
Puja: Mother, I didn't do anything. My husband tried to kill me! I never saw him like that before!
Oki: I expected something like this. He thinks he can do anything. I should have killed him when I thought about it.
Sauri: If only you didn't think about it. Besides, Amaqjuat is the one to watch.
Oki: I'm not afraid of Amajquat.
Sauri: You bark bigger than you bite.
Puja: Father, he wanted to kill me!
Sauri: There won't be any killing, at least not of you anyway.
1:11:55 Uneasy
Atuat (to Uluriaq, Amajquat's wife, over the adultery): What are we going to do? How are we all going to live together?
1:13:27 Apology
Puja: Its me. It's all my fault. I'll never do anything like it again!
Atuat: How could you make love to my husband? Your own brother-in-law. You're not even supposed to talk to him. That's how you break up the family! I thought we love our in-laws, in our heart, not out bed!
Puja: Do anything to me! Beat me if you want!
Atuat: What happened is past. Lets try to be family again.
Puja: Thank you! I'll be good from now on.
1:20:22 Making up
Amaqjuat (bonding with Atanarjuat while urinating): Remember that time walrus hunting on the ice? Oki and his gang were so scared I think they pissed their pants.
1:21:33 Forgiveness
Amaqjuat: We had fun those days, remember? Little brother, finally my wife is pregnant. I wish for a son, a fast runner like you. Brother, I've been thinking, I was wrong between us. I hope you can forgive me.
1:23:22 Cowardly plan
Oki (planning to murder the brothers): Let's make sure they are really asleep, then go get them.
1:34:50 Anger
Oki (failing to catch Atanarjuat): I won't sleep until I find you!
1:39:27 Hiding out
Atanarjuat: Can you hide me?
Quilitalik: Lets put you in the seaweed.
1:46:44 Disgust
Atanarjuat: Oki pissed right on my face.
1:49:46 Father-son moment
Oki: Why can't I have Atuat? Her husband is dead. Why are you keeping her from me?
Sauri: We don't steal women in this camp. How do you know Atanarjuat is no logner alive?
Oki: Without any clothes, of course he's dead. No one could survive on the ice.
Sauri: His soul is alive, he got away from you son.
1:55:38 Post-rape Consolation
Panikpak (to Atuat, just raped by Oki): Little mother, don't hold back on your tears. Let the cry come out. I've lived through hard times in my life. A day will come when you will feel good about yourself again.
2:03:18 Another murder
Puja: Mother, something is wrong with my father!
Oki: Father fell and stabbed himself.
Elder: Sauri was our leader for a long time. Now his son Oki will lead us. To take his father's place.
2:05:57 Destitute
Panikpak: This is the last of our lamp oil.
Atuat: I'm going to go to Oki. With Atanarjuat gone, there is no one to feed us, not even any lamp oil.
2:07:42 Returning home
Quiltalik (to the healed Atanarjuat): You have to go home, son. Tell us when you are ready to go home.
2:11:58 Magic rabbit
Oki (after Quilitalik's magic rabbit): What a great sleep. Now I feel fantastic. That was the best rabbit I ever ate.
2:14:59 Reunion
Atuat: Atenarjuat! Atenarjuat! Atenarjuat! How I waited to see you! Finally we are together again!
Atanarjuat: I wolf you.
2:19:25 Confused
Pakak: Oki ate too much of that rabbit, maybe we should go after Atanarjuat ourselves.
2:22:54 The new Oki
Atuat: My husband brought meat for everybody. But you, Oki, he wants you and your friends to eat first. He wants to get rid of any heaviness in your heart, so there wont be any bad feelings.
Oki: I don't have any bad feelings for Atanarjuat! He's always welcome in our camp. Come, let's go eat. I'm tired of eating leftovers.
2:25:47 Forgetting the past
Oki: Hey, let's go hunting together next summer!
Atanarjuat: That's a great idea!
2:27:50 Putting Oki in his place
Atanarjuat (in position to kill Oki): The killing . . . stops here!
2:28:57 Resolution
Quilitalik: Tonight we'll meet together to drive away the evil that has visited us for so long.
2:33:41 Evil must go
Panikpak: Listen, before we go on, we have to forgive some of our family . . . Who have done things no one should ever do. For many winters now we have been ruled and frightened by own son, Oki. You have lead evil to others day after day. This has to stop so our future generations can live better lives. Mistreating others, telling lies, this has to stop now. I don't want to say this, but I'm speaking from my heart. My grandchildren, Oki, Puja, and you too Pittiulaq and Pakak, I've known you since the day you were born, but you'll have to leave us now.
Oki: Grandmother! You can't mean that!
Puja: No!
Mother: I wish you will forgive each other as I have forgiven you.