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0:12:26 Rear Parts
Emasculation by Digestion by Alexander Vernak, with comments by Kelley Higgins, Jonathan Zubkoff, Andrew Tye, and Anthony Pascale
0:40:35 The Fight
Do Spirits Equal Strength? by William "Tommy" McNulty, with comments by Adrianna Abreu, Karen Haberland, Jonathan Zubkoff, and Tanya Saleh
1:08:41 The Scarlet Letter
Tempted by the Fruit of a Brother by Jaclyn Ulman, with comments by Anthony Pascale, Caitlin Prozonic, Taylor Kite, Jeffrey Herrigel, and Andrew Tye
1:23:00 Brotherly Love
Blood Brothers by Jonathan Zubkoff
2:16:23 Rabbit
Oki in Wonderland: The Symbol of the White Rabbit in The Fast Runner: Atanarjuat by Caitlin Prozonic
2:19:44 Atanarjuat Returns
The Final Struggle between Good and Evil: Atanarjuat’s Return by Morgan Christopher, with comment by Dana Shakked
2:34:42 The Fight (2)
A New Ending For A New Beginning by Taara Ness-Cochinwala