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0:01:06 Tom at the Crossroads
A long-shot of Tom Joad coming over the horizon and walking down an Oklahoma country highway.
0:01:41 Getting a ride
Outside a roadside restaurant Tom asks a truck driver for a lift.
0:02:35 The nosey driver
In the cab of the truck, Tom tells the driver that he has just been paroled from the penitentiary.
0:03:50 Home-i-cide
Leaving the truck, Tom satisfies the driver's curiosity about his crime: homicide.
0:04:13 Casy
Alighting from the truck, Tom finds Casy, the preacher who baptized him, singing under a willow tree. Casy explains he is no longer a preacher, and Tom tells about his four years in prison.
0:08:39 More conversation with Casy
Casy describes Tom's father's behavior at a baptizing as Tom and Casy walk toward the old Joad cabin. A dust storm comes up.
0:09:52 Deserted
From the outside, the Joad cabin looks deserted.
0:10:17 Home -- inside
The inside is empty too.
0:12:02 Mournful Muley
Muley Graves, a neighbor, appears and, in two subsequent flashbacks, tells about the sharecroppers being "tractored off" by the big owners. He tells Tom that the Joad family is at Uncle John's preparing to move to California.
0:13:24 Who do we shoot?
In the first flashback, Muley describes being told he must leave. His son asks "who do we shoot?" in trying to assess blame for the eviction. Muley breaks down and grasps at the dirt.
0:15:48 They come with the cats
In the second flashback, Muley describes actually being "tractored off."
0:21:00 Trespassing at home
Tom, Casy, and Muley are later obliged to hide out from armed watchmen who are hunting for Muley.
0:23:08 Breakfast at the Joads
The family eat and talk about California. Granma and Granpa steal the show.
0:24:20 Tommy!
Tom is reunited with the family and learns their plans for the trip.
0:27:04 The warning
The reunion is interrupted by two men in a car who warn Uncle John that the tractors are coming through his farm the next day.
0:28:22 Packing up
The Joads load the truck for the trip.
0:29:01 Letting Go
Ma reminisces over her few souvenirs, burning most, keeping some, especially earrings.
0:32:38 The refusal
When Granpa refuses to go on the trip, he has to be put to sleep with soothing syrup. Casy is invited to join the party, and the truck departs.
0:36:25 No looking back
Outraged, Ma Joad refuses to look back at the farm.
0:36:55 On the road
A montage showing the Joad truck crossing Oklahoma, while Grampa suffers inside.
0:37:40 Grampa dies
Grampa is unloaded from the truck and dies.
0:38:32 The burial
Tom reads a note that will be buried with Grampa, explaining that he wasn't killed; Casy says "a few words" over the grave.
0:41:43 Doubts
The campers along the way are being entertained by Rosasharn's husband Connie, who is singing a folk song. A man returning from California laughs scornfully at the Joads' optimism and explains that he saw his wife and two sons starve in California. The group breaks up much distressed.
0:46:47 Highway 66
On the road.
0:47:10 The truck stop
The gas attendant questions their ability to pay. A nasty exchange.
0:47:47 Buying bread
Inside a hamburger joint, where a waitress is joshing two truck drivers, Pa Joad attempts to buy a loaf of bread. When the cook and waitress are kind to the migrants, the truck drivers leave a big tip.
0:52:17 Stop for inspection
After being stopped briefly by agricultural inspectors, the Joads drive across Arizona, through Indian villages and herds of sheep.
0:52:37 The view
The Joads reach the Arizona-California border and are awed by the desert and mountains.
0:52:52 Highway 66
On the road again: New Mexico.
0:54:28 A refreshing dip
California: the men of the Joad party cavort in the Colorado River.
0:55:30 Not human
Two contemptuous filling station attendants describe the Okies as subhuman for crossing the desert in a jalopy.
0:57:19 What a desert
Tom and Al talk about the difficulties of crossing the desert.
0:57:45 The kids' view
Ruthie and Winfield look for bones.
0:58:06 The family's got to get across
Ma comforts the dying Granma.
0:58:29 Connie backpedaling
Connie complains to Rosasharn about coming on this trip instead of studying to be a radio mechanic.
0:59:19 Crossing another border
California agricultural inspectors try to make the Joads unload the truck but let them go when Ma protests that Granma is deathly ill.
1:00:25 The Promised Land?
The family arrives in the beautiful part of California and gazes with wonder at the Tehachapi Valley, but the experience is spoiled by Ma's revelation that Granma had died even before the California inspectors had stopped them.
1:02:50 No rest for the weary
In an unidentified town, a cop from Oklahoma is friendly for a minute, but quickly freezes up and orders the Joads out of town by nightfall.
1:04:19 The Hooverville
The Joads drive into the Hooverville and see the sorry condition of the people and the huts there.
1:06:18 The hungry children
Ma is besieged by hungry children when she cooks a stew for the family.
1:09:19 Agitator
A contractor attempting to hire fruit pickers is challenged by Floyd, a migrant. The contractor has a deputy attempt to arrest Floyd; but Floyd knocks the deputy down and flees. When the deputy attempts to follow and shoots a woman, Tom knocks him unconscious. Casy tells Tom to hide and takes the blame for the incident. The deputies drive off with him.
1:13:45 Getting out
Tom comes out of hiding and tells the family to pack up because a mob will burn up the camp; it is discovered that Rosasharn's husband has taken off.
1:17:08 The mob
A mob from the town forces the Joads to turn the truck around and go the other direction.
1:17:55 A new chance
Tom and Al are fixing a tire when a man drives up and offers the family work picking peaches.
1:19:43 Keene Ranch
The Joads are checked against lists before being allowed to work and are told to mind their own business.
1:20:40 Running the gauntlet
Heading into Keene Ranch past distraught strikers and their families.
1:21:27 The shacks
Grim housing at Keene.
1:22:10 Want to work?
The family is given the opportunity to work.
1:23:37 We gonna live here?
Ma starts to make a shack a home.
1:24:42 The procession
The men and children join a gaunt line of pickers headed for the grove.
1:25:08 Dinner
The Joads at dinner complain about the small amount of food their day's wages bought; Tom decides to go outside and find out what the trouble is.
1:26:16 Turned back
A guard tells Tom to go back to the cabin or he will be taken back.
1:27:06 Meeting Casy
Tom slips under the wire fence and finds Casy with some others in a tent and learns that they are leading a strike against the ranch. Casy asks Tom to bring out those in the camp, but Tom doubts that they will come. Disturbed by noises outside, the group disperses.
1:30:36 Murder
Fleeing under a bridge, Casy is spotted and killed by guards. Enraged, Tom kills a guard and escapes with a broken cheek.
1:31:56 Wounded
Tom returns to the cabin, where the family tends his wound and hides him.
1:33:05 Tom and Ma
Tom awakening to the problem, Ma espousing her philosophy.
1:37:15 Hiding
The family packs up and hides Tom under mattresses in the truck.
1:39:00 Leaving Keene
The truck is allowed to leave the fenced-in ranch.
1:40:00 Out of gas
The Joad truck runs out of gas.
1:40:44 Wheat Patch Government Camp
They coast into the camp, where the caretaker explains that here the migrants govern themselves.
1:45:00 Toilet training
Ruthie and Winfield Joad explore the camp washhouse and think that they have broken a flush toilet.
1:46:20 Danger
Tom is working with two other men laying pipe, when the small farmer who then warns that an attempt will be made to disrupt the Saturday night dance at the camp.
1:47:45 The Dance
The plot is frustrated by careful work of the camp committee, and the Joad family enjoys the dance.
1:54:51 Escaping again
While the camp sleeps, Tom observes two men inspecting the license of the Joads' truck.
1:56:48 Clearing out
He prepares to slip away, but Ma awakens and he tells her that he must go. Reluctantly she agrees.
1:57:55 Tom's farewell
Tom explains to Ma why he's leaving.
2:03:57 Tom disappears
Tom climbs away over a hill to his future.
2:04:20 On the road again
The Joads cannot find work around the Wheat Patch camp, so they must set out for Fresno.
2:06:20 We Are the People
In the cab of the truck, Ma meditates on what has happened and announces the theme of the film: "We're the people that live."
2:08:04 The people move on down the highway
The caravan.