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0:09:52 Deserted
Who Do We Shoot? by Greg King, with comments by Lauren Hochman and Kiera Berkemeyer
0:13:24 Who do we shoot?
No Piece of Paper by Charlotte Malmborg, with comments by Ian Garsman, Sarah Carey, and Erin Meinert
0:15:48 They come with the cats
A Forlorn Flashback by Kelsey Lee, with comments by Michael Ronan, Mercy Du, and Jillian Sloand
0:29:01 Letting Go
Remembering the Past, Taking On the Future by Carol Gergis, with comments by Danielle Albergo and Heather Camperson
0:41:43 Doubts
Shadow of a Doubt by Jillian Sibio, with comment by Aaron Baek
0:47:47 Buying bread
A Break from the Wrath by Elizabeth Guzzo, with comments by Michael Oelbaum and Eric Weiss
0:55:30 Not human
The Joad’s Struggle against Their Stereotype by Sarah Carey, with comments by Kelsey Lee, Jillian Sibio, and Kiera Berkemeyer
1:00:25 The Promised Land?
Welcome to California: Home of Sacrifice and Exploitation by Brian Carroll, with comments by Michael Ronan, Lyndsey Collins, and Ian Garsman
1:04:19 The Hooverville
The Viewer's Dilemma: Resolving the Tension between Distance and Sympathy by Lauren Calabrese, with comment by Mary Brune
1:06:18 The hungry children
Sorrowful Desperation by Aaron Baek, with comments by Eric Weiss, Rachel Brooks, and Lauren Hochman
1:09:19 Agitator
California -- Not the Promised Land by Travis Statham, with comments by Sarah Carey and Aaron Baek
1:19:43 Keene Ranch
Not Too "Keen" about This Job by Karen Timmerman, with comments by Erin Meinert and Heather Camperson
1:57:55 Tom's farewell
Hope and the Establishment of Two Heroes by Mary Brune, with comments by Carol Gergis and Charlotte Malmborg
2:06:20 We Are the People
The People Who Live by Kristen Englehardt, with comments by Kelsey Lee, Jillian Sloand, and Danielle Albergo