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Studio:Spanish Fork Motion Picture
Director:Michael Apted
Screenwriter:no one is listed (not even for Redford's narration)
Producer:Arthur Chobanian (producer), Robert Redford (executive producer)
Director of Photography:Maryse Alberti
Editor:Susanne Rostock (film editor)
Production:Ray Zimmerman (production supervisor)
Cast:Norman Zigrossi -- Himself -- Former Assistant FBI Regional Head, South Dakota
 Robert Sikma -- Himself -- Former Assistant U.S. Attorney
 Darelle 'Dino' Butler -- Himself
 Bob Robideau -- Himself
 Norman Brown -- Himself
 Leonard Peltier -- Himself (archive footage)
 Duane Brewer -- Himself -- Former Goon Squad Member
 Calvin Jumping Bull -- Himself
 William Muldrow -- Himself -- U.S. Government Commission on Civil Rights
 Dennis Banks -- Himself -- Co-Founder of American Indian Movement
 James Abourezk -- Himself -- Former U.S. Senator, South Dakota
 Sam Loud Hawk -- Himself
 Richard Wilson -- Himself -- Tribal Council Chairman (archive footage)
 Severt Young Bear Sr. -- Himself
 John Trudell -- Himself -- National Spokesperson, American Indian Movement
 Kenneth Tilsen -- Himself -- Wounded Knee Defense Attorney
 Russell Means -- Himself -- Co-founder of American Indian Movement (archive footage)
 William Kunstler -- Himself -- Wounded Knee Defense Attorney
 William Janklow -- Himself -- Former Governor, South Dakota
 Deborah White Plume -- Herself
 Bernice White Hawk -- Herself
 Jeanette Eagle Hawk -- Herself
 Beau Little Sky -- Himself
 Madonna Thunder Hawk -- Herself
 Wallace Little Jr. -- Himself
 Nilak Butler -- Herself
 Wilma Blacksmith -- Herself
 Kenny Loud Hawk -- Himself
 Morris Wounded -- Himself
 Lou Bean -- Herself
 Billy Bean -- Himself
 Russel Loud Hawk -- Himself
 Edward McManus -- Himself -- Bulter-Robideau Trial Judge
 Bruce Ellison -- Himself -- Defense Attorney
 John Lowe -- Himself -- Attorney for Bob Robideau and Leonard Peltier
 Robert Bolin -- Himself -- Jury Foreman, Butler-Robideau Trial
 Lynn Crooks -- Himself -- Assistant U.S. Attorney
 Evan Hultman -- Himself -- Former U.S. Attorney
 Myrtle Poor Bear -- Herself
 Warren Allman -- Himself -- Former Minister for Indian and Northern Affairs, Canada
 Gerald Heaney -- Himself -- Judge, U.S. Court of Appeals, 8th Circuit
 Robert Ecoffey -- Himself -- Investigator, Bureau of Indian Affairs Police
 Clarence Kelly -- Himself -- Director of the F.B.I. (archive footage)
 Jean Bordeaux -- Herself
 Marquetta Peltier -- Herself -- Daughter of Leonard Peltier
 Robert Redford -- Narrator (voice)
Awards:Nomination for Critics Award in 1992 at the Deauville Film Festival
 Color, 89 minutes.