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0:00:00 Meeting in the Woods
The girls meet in the forest to cast love spells.  Reverend Parris catches them dancing and sees a naked woman and finds a cauldron.
0:05:30 Betty and Ruth in a Trance
Betty and Ruth will not wake up after the night's transgressions.
0:07:51 Witchcraft Rumors Spread
There are rumors that Betty and Ruth have been seized by the devil.
0:17:20 Betty Wakes Up
The girls gather in Betty's room to wake her up, and she finally does but tries to throw herself out the window.
0:18:55 Town Meeting
A meeting is held to discuss the problem of witchcraft.
0:20:28 Abigail's Rejection
John and Abigail meet, and John tells her that their affair is over.  She kisses him, but he pushes her away.
0:23:38 Arrival of Reverend Hale
Mr. Hale arrives and examines the two girls to find if they are possessed by the devil.
0:29:20 Girls' Confession
Hale confronts all the girls to find out what had happened the night before, and Abigail accuses Tituba of making them conjure spirits.  Tituba finally breaks and says the devil has seized her.  Hale tries to cleanse her and asks her who else is involved.  She starts accusing Goody Good and Good Osborne and the girls chime in with a flood of accusations.
0:35:16 Elizabeth's Jealousy
Elizabeth and John have dinner, and Elizabeth becomes jealous when John tells her that he had been speaking with Abby alone.
0:39:58 Arrival of the Judges
Other judges come to town to help with the problem of witchcraft.
0:41:53 First Accusations
Goody Good and Goody Osborne are brought to court, and Goody Osborne is sentenced, while Goody Good confessed.
0:43:23 More Accusations
More are accused and brought to court.
0:47:19 Elizabeth's Accused
Mary, one of the girls, returns to the Proctor house and gives Elizabeth a doll.  She informs them that Elizabeth has been mentioned in court.
0:50:28 John's Threats to Abby
John and Abby meet in the woods, and John tells her to stop the fraud.  He threatens her and warns her not to accuse Elizabeth.
0:53:15 Abby's Stabbed
Abby is stabbed with a pin.
0:53:35 Hale's Visit to Proctor house
Hale visits the Proctor house and tells them that Elizabeth has been mentioned.  John and Elizabeth guarantee to Hale that they keep a good Christian home.
1:00:56 Elizabeth's Arrested
Rebecca Nurse has been accused, and men come to collect Elizabeth.  They find the doll with a needle in it.  Elizabeth is taken away.
1:10:46 Mary's Confession of Lying
John takes Mary to court to confess and brings a petition from the townspeople who swear the others are innocent.  Elizabeth is pregnant so the judge will let her live until she gives birth.
1:20:29 Girls are confronted
He gives the judges a confession from Mary.  Judge John Danforth confronts the girls and tells them to speak the truth so they will receive a less severe punishment.
1:29:20 John admits adultery
In court, John calls Abby a whore and confesses that he had an affair with her.  He tells them that Abby wants to kill his wife to have him for herself.  Abby denies it so Judge Danforth orders Elizabeth to court to find out the truth.
1:32:22 Elizabeth is questioned
Elizabeth comes to court.  They ask her why she dismissed Abby from her house.  She denies that her husband was an adulterer.  Suddenly the girls run from the courthouse screaming that Mary's spirit is after them.  Mary can't take it anymore and then accuses John of telling her to lie.  Abby is stunned that John is accused.
1:41:26 Condemnation
Those who refuse to confess are condemned and excommunicated and eventually hanged.
1:44:02 Hale's Wife Accused
Abby accuses Hale's wife, and Judge Danforth tells her that she has to be mistaken.  Judge Samuel Sewell tells him this must stop, but Judge Danforth is set on abolishing the devil from Salem.
1:46:45 Abby's Proposal for Escape
Abby visits John in jail and tells him that she can help him escape.  She tells him she didn't mean this to happen to him and that they should run away together.  John ignores her.
1:49:03 Danforth and Elizabeth's Meeting
Judge Danforth and Hale tell Elizabeth that John is accused and that she has to tell him to confess.
1:51:15 Elizabeth and John's Last Time Together
Elizabeth and John are allowed to speak alone.  She tells him she will accept whatever he chooses.  John finally decides to confess.
1:55:19 John's Refusal to Confess
He finds out they want him to accuse the others, but he refuses to.  All they need is his confession to use as an example to others.  After signing it, he rips it up.  He doesn't want his confession for everyone to see.  He is taken to be hanged.
2:02:03 John is hanged
All those who are taken to be hanged say the "Our Father" in unison, and they are hung one after another.