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This compilation of over 700 "sound bites" might serve as a kind of Bartlett's Quotations or Pascal's Pensees for the study of film and history. Several sound bites are accompanied by audio glosses, and more will be in the future.

Users are invited to jump in to this collection of sound bites anywhere and to keep jumping, enjoying the stimulating juxtapositions of ideas. There is no pre-conceived, organizing principle. The list is consciously random, consciously a postmodern cacophany of diverse voices -- a veritable heteroglossia! -- designed to encourage critical thinking by making users make meaning.

But this compilation can have at least seven very practical uses for teachers and students:

  1. As a record of some of the major ideas in the film and history field, it can help structure presentations.
  2. Since quotes can be pasted right into presentations, projects, or notes, the list can be a time saver.
  3. It can provide "thought starters" for class discussions or online discussions.
  4. It's a resource for possible essay topics.
  5. It contains quotations suitable for discussion-type essay exam questions
  6. It can be used to script web projects, Power Point presentations, videos, newsletters, and so forth.
  7. It can make some important ideas available even when easy access to the texts or a library is not convenient.