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In a regular text-based course, teachers and students have a book or an article to which they can refer. But rarely do people have a film script in front of them (and sometimes the printed scripts if available are not the same as the final film version anyway). Yet there are important sections of monologue or dialogue in a film that will naturally play key roles in the study of the films and will be referred to over and over in any analysis that teachers and students might do, either in class discussion or in written projects. There is a need, then, to have an accurate transcript of these key parts, so that people don't have to spend time not only finding the sections in the film but, in some cases, engaging in the slow process of listening a few times to transcribe them. Your job is to judge what the key script parts are and to transcribe them exactly with time markings. Some films will have a few, some perhaps many.


0:06:19 Father-Son Bonding, in the woods
Duke Purdy: Listen here. Don't want you around that colored boy no more.
Emmet Purdy: Arnett?
Duke Purdy: Don't look right, my boy trailing around after a nigger.
0:59:25 Mr. Mann's Departure
Mr. Wright: This what they teach you in the Army? Pack up and run when things get hot? Thank God the Navy don't let in--
Mr. Mann: What? Go on and say it, Mr. Wright... Thank God the Navy don't let in niggers.
Mr. Wright: I was going to say cowards.
0:59:46 Mr. Mann's Departure
Mr. Wright: That's right. I got you figured, Mann. You one of them loud boys, big talk. Figure you can say anything to a white man ... as long as you start out saying "With all due respect." First sign of trouble, you duckin' your head running.
1:09:12 Rosewood Train Station
Sylvester: Now, I was born and raised in Rosewood. This here is my home. And I'll be damned if I let anybody run me off it.