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  1. Item 2460-2461: Plot of the Village of Lausanne (cf. 1685)
    Lehigh Coal and Navigation Company Records

    The first leaf in this collection describes the lots of land to be sold in a public sale in Lausanne along the Lehigh River. The second leaf shows a map of the village of Lausanne in Northampton County, Pennsylvania. However, there is no modern town of Lausanne in Pennsylvania, although there is a Lausanne Township, which is not located in Northampton County. There is no town of any sort currently located at the location depicted in the map.
    2 leaves ; 56 cm. 1815, 1830
  2. Item 23: "An Act, to Protect the Public in the Full Benefit and Enjoyment o...
    Lehigh Coal and Navigation Company Records

    This item is an act of the Pennsylvania General Assembly detailing the rules and regulations for inland water navigation on the Lehigh Canal. Printed by Amos Sisty at Mauch Chunk, Pa. This item is a legal document, signed by state legislators, that outlines regulations, penalties, and procedures regarding the use of the Lehigh Canal. The item contains sixteen sections, with a concise summary of each section present in the adjacent margin. The document was approved April 10, 1826 by J. Andrew Shulze.
    1 leaf ; 41 cm. 1826
  3. Item 267: Allentown to Easton (Rolled): A Chart of the River Lehigh from Al...
    Lehigh Coal and Navigation Company Records

    This item is a map detailing the stretch of the Lehigh River from Allentown to Easton. In the bottom right corner of the map is a table detailing the fall of the river from Mauch Chunk to Easton. There is a detailed mapping of where limestone ridges, hills, and nobs are located. Landmarks on the map are Oberley's Island, Uley's Island, White-Horse Rock, Willow-Eddy Pool, White- Horse- Pool, and Saucon Creek, Jordan Creek, Tilghman Island.
    1 leaf ; 61 x 366 cm. 1826
  4. Item 3899: Chart of the Delaware River (Rolled, Copy)
    Lehigh Coal and Navigation Company Records

    This map shows a chart of the Delaware River drawn from surveys made under the direction of the Lehigh Coal and Navigation Company.
    1 map : linen ; 41 x 366 cm. 1826
  5. Item 2596: Draft of the Great Coal Mine Near Mauch Chunk
    Lehigh Coal and Navigation Company Records

    This schematic shows a draft of the great Coal-Mine near Mauch Chunk exhibiting the various branches of the Rail-road leading from it and the situation of the workings on the 18 of July 1827. The different benches of the mine were measured along the direction of the dotted line F.M. and were found as follows. Bench D at F is the upper surface of the coal when measured. Bench C.C.C. at G is 10 feet below F. Bench B at H is 15 feet below G. the mine then gradually descends to I. Bench A on floor of the mine is 18 feet below I. The descent is the gradual from K to L. Bench marked N at M is 39 feet above L.
    1 map ; 46 x 58 cm. 1827
  6. Items 6440-6445: Hanover Township, Lehigh County (6 Items)
    Lehigh Coal and Navigation Company Records

    This collection of maps contains land survey notes for the properties of landowners alongside the Lehigh Canal in what they are calling "Hanover Township". However, the locations depicted in the maps do not exist in the present location of Hanover township, and instead correspond to locations alongside the Lehigh river in the vicinity of Allentown. On each item within this compound object are notes detailing the land survey, as well as a sketched map showing the property. Item 6443 is marked as a copy, dated 1911, from map book number 5.
    6 maps ; 46 x 30 cm. 1829
  7. Item 1685: Plot of the Village of Lausanne: Northhampton County, Pennsylvan...
    Lehigh Coal and Navigation Company Records

    This map shows a plot of the village of Lausanne in Northampton County, Pennsylvania at the head of the Lehigh Navigation from Childs & Inman's Press. The lands and railroad of the Mauch Chunk Company are displayed.
    1 map ; 43 x 56 cm. 1831
  8. Item 26: Rules for the Collection and Weights of Tolls
    Lehigh Coal and Navigation Company Records

    This Compound object includes three copies of documents detailing the rates and methods of tolling boats navigating the Lehigh Canal system, from 1833, 1834, and a draft for 1837. Included with Object 26-undated are two additional notes containing further information. The attached note at the top of the document covers part of the title and date. The printed date on the document is 1834, with a note in pen made over top, crossing out the 4 and replacing it with a 7. The title for the piece is the same as 26B and 26C, except for the difference in date.
    3 leaves ; 40 cm. 1833-1834
  9. Item 4: Map of First and Second Anthracite Coal Fields by Samuel Fisher
    Lehigh Coal and Navigation Company Records

    This item shows a map of the first and second anthracite coal fields, as well as roads, railroads, and properties in the region. This map is a lithographic copy produced by Watson's Lithography in Philadelphia, Pa.
    1 map ; 122 x 222 cm. 1836
  10. Item 16: Geological Maps of the State of Pennsylvania
    Lehigh Coal and Navigation Company Records

    This item is a geological survey map of the entire state of Pennsylvania, made under the supervision of State Geologist Henry D. Rogers to accompany the final report on the geological survey of the state in 1858. The lower half of the map contains vertical geological cross sections indicating rock layers and coal areas. The map is compiled from various surveys completed between the years 1836 and 1857.
    1 map ; 100 x 108 cm. 1836-1857
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