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  1. Manufacturing and Mercantile Resources of the Lehigh Valley including Histo...
    A descriptive review of the manufacturing and mercantile resources of the Lehigh Valley. Chapters deal with specific cities and villages and their industrial base Companies and individuals active in the economy are highlighted and described. Includes sketches of towns, tables, and appendixes.
    205 p. : ill. ; 25 cm. 1881
  2. A thesis on cement testing and a description of the manufacture of Portland...
    This work, written by T.A. Coleman in the late 19th century, proposes a thesis on cement testing and gives a description of the manufacture of Portland cement. The introduction describes the lengthy research, testing, and analysis process from which Coleman developed his argument. To guide his research Colman used charts reflecting the different make-up compositions of a variety of cements. An analysis of Portland cement was conducted, with in this evaluation Coleman referenced multiple scientists opinions on Portland cement. Notes on the manufacture of Portland cement were collected and cement tests were performed to assist Coleman's research.
    84 leaves : ill., charts ; 25 x 33 cm. June - 1892
  3. Topographical map of the Bethlehems and vicinity
    Crawford presents a look at the industries in Bethlehem for his thesis for the degree in Civil Engineering at Lehigh University. He describes various industries, plants operations and natural supplies in the areas of Bethlehem and South Bethlehem. Industries detailed in this report include the Bethlehem Iron Company, Lehigh Zinc Works, the Bethlehem South Gas and Water Company, as well as reporting on the water supply of Bethlehem and South Bethlehem, as well as the limestone and iron ore supply in the area. Included at the end of the thesis is a topographical map of the Bethlehems and vicinity.
    31 leaves, 1 leaf of fold plate : map ; 25 x 31 cm. 1895
  4. Test of the plant of A.L. Laubenstein at Ashland, Pa.
    Researchers tested and analyzed different components of A.L. Laubenstein's plant. This analysis included finding the horse power used by the plant and determining the boilers evaporating efficiency under working conditions. Also, attempted testing on the engine were recorded. Multiple machines with in the plant were mentioned in the summary of the plant analysis, such as two punching machines, cutting machines, bending machines, and straightening machines all of which work to mold sheets of steel. Machinery for producing wire screens are also reported as being located in the plant.
    31 leaves, 3 leaves of plates : ill., charts ; 26 x 31 cm. 1901
  5. View of Bethlehem, Pa.
    View of Bethlehem, Pa. including the Bethlehem Silk Mill.
    Black and white Postcard. 1901-07?
  6. Zinc Works, Bethlehem, Pa.
    View of New Jersey Zinc Company? plant on Lehigh River, Bethlehem, Pa.
    Black and white Postcard. 1901-07?
  7. Comparison of cement plants at Nazareth, Pa., with respect to economy of co...
    This book discusses the different aspects with in Cement Plants throughout Nazareth Pennsylvania. The history of cement is detailed in the first chapter. The following chapters argue about cement belts, cement manufacturers, and cement mills in and around Nazareth. A chapter on the components of an ideal cement mill was discussed. Cement corporation's mills such as Nazareth Portland, Dexter, and Phoenix were mentioned. A comparison was made on a variety of cement in the Nazareth area. Throughout the book maps of the mills were inserted. Tables on the increased cement industry in the United States, the comparison of cement produced at various mills, and the comparison of various factors based on per barrel cement produced per day were also present throughout the book.
    71 leaves, 6 leaves of fold. plates : maps ; 25 x 31 cm. 1904
  8. Lehigh Valley Railroad as seen from the train
    Issued by the Passenger Department of the Lehigh Valley Railroad Company, this brochure provides a detailed look at the cities, towns and scenery along the Lehigh Valley Railroad line. Its aim was to provide passengers with a general understanding of the areas in which the Railroad line passed. This brochure includes facts such as population, major industries, and well-known landmarks and attractions for the cities and towns mentioned. The Bethlehem Steel Company is highlighted in this brochure under the section on "West Bethlehem."
    46 columns : ill. ; 20 x 21 cm. folded to 20 x 11 cm. 1904
  9. [Letter] 1904 Oct. 21, [to] Charles M. Schwab, New York City
    1770 I-A-31 Folder 32; Schwab Charles M. Jan. 04-Oct. 06. Letter from McIlvaine to Schwab in response to a previous letter [October 16, 1904] about a drop forge for automobile parts. McIlvaine is not sure the auto market is large enough for Schwab's proposal.
    1 leaf ; 28 cm. 1904 Oct. 21
  10. Saw Mill, Sand Island at Bethlehem, Pa.
    View of saw mill on Sand Island, Bethlehem, Pa.
    Black and white Postcard. 1905-09?
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