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Text for Page 034 [03-10-1855]

  10.  Saturday.  Letter from Hannah.     To Paternoster Row,
then Heath�s office, Lincolns Inn Fields, a bare room with a few old
newspapers about.
  11.  Sunday.  Sam and his wife here, to dine with us.
  12. Monday.   Called early at Mayall�s, Regent Street.  He
in Paris.  Visited Whitelaw, walked out with him, parting at the
New Road.
  13.  Tuesday.  Within doors, writing. Rosa very sick.   In
the evening, Caroline Hogarth, and her sister Louisa, (the
latter a very pretty girl,) called.     And they had scarcely left
when George Clarke came, we�d a pleasant hour or so, and he
stayed supper.
  14.  Wednesday.  Within doors, writing.  Sam dropped in,
  15.  Thursday.  Invite from Mr Barth. Answered it. Min-
nie called; and presently Miss Mary Anne Chinner, who dined
with us.     Evening at Sam�s.
  16.  Friday.   Within doors.
  17.   Saturday.  To �Household Words� Office, with M S.
Dined at Jack Boutchers, and there sat for and hour or two in
the afternoon, in company with him and an acquaintance of his, one
Buxell, a heartyish fellow recently returned from the African
palm oil trade.   Master Jack told me he was thinking of get-
ting married, the girl being a companion of his sisters, and who
had also known him long.     She knew also, (as, now, his mother
does,) that for some two years past, he has kept a mistress.
They hope marriage will reform him, he thinks it will be conve-               
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