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Text for Page 066 [05-08-1855]

get our patients well, and � &c.�    �Which is a laudable one,
and in Mr Price�s case I trusted they�d have better success than
in the case of an unfortunate Aunt of mine, who spent some ten
or fifteen years in that establishment, finally dying there!�
Would I step this way.   Certainly!   What was my Aunt�s name?
Millicent Butler.     So the entry being found, the crisp man
grew civiler, and talked about Price, and �no coercion� and much
more, and wanted to know whether I was an Englishman, get-
ting hugely inquisitive about America.     Finally I was offered the
facility for seeing Harry from an upper window, which had been 
yesterday granted to his parents.   Accepting this, I was taken
into a clean hospital-like bed-room, where from the partially closed
window I could look over certain courts, (each with its insane inhab
itants,)  and spy Harry pacing up and down, arm in arm with
a stalwart keeper.    He looked tranquil.                 Rejoining Sam,
we returned on omnibus-top.              The Miss Stokes� and their
mother at our house subsequently.
  {9. Wednesday       In-doors. Mostly water-coloring, with
  10.  Thursday}       some scribbling.
  11.  Friday.  Dropped in at George Clarke�s for an hour or
so.     Writing & drawing.
  12. Saturday.  To Price�s in the evening, conversing with
Harry�s mother, (who had just returned from a visit to him;) his
brothers, aunt, and diminutively pretty cousin, (sister to Albina,
who has gone away.)     Mrs Price described Harry as being per-
fectly sane, to all appearance, conscious of having written nonsense,
of his past delirium, very quiet, but low-spirited and haunted               
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