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Text for Page 080 [06-09-1855]

Has had interviews with Rawlinson, Sir Henry Ellis, and
matters attendant upon his recent employment take up some
part of his time.  Wilkins at our place; all in council about
going to Paris.     Letter writing, calling, hither and thither.
Boutcher won�t go, not being well enough.   I & Charley will,
having arranged to meet Wilkins in Paris.
  10.  Sunday.   A day at Allom�s.   I & George Clarke
went there by river, meeting at 10 1/2.     A lovely day.   I out
with Allom, through Richmond Park and to the hill.  Returning
to Barnes, found Boutcher and Dean.     As the day drew on
others come, Harvey Smith and friend. / Will Waud had been
there on our arrival. )    Some dozen at the tea table.     At 11 1/2
all left, on desperate hope to get a cab for returning.  I, at
Alloms invite, stayed.
  11.  Monday.   To London on omnibus top with Arthur
Allom, where we were presently joined by George Thomas the Ar-
tist.   He some ten years ago had a year and half�s experience
of the United States, knows Strong &c, has a good position
on the Illustrated News, now.   Spoke of his having an inter-
view with the Queen, sketching her portrait, and that of her-
children, he, Thomas being employed to do drawings for her.
He describes royalty as very domesticated, talking of boys jackets
&c and threatening little princes that Mr Thomas would leave
�em out of the picture, if they didn�t sit still, finally bribing �em
with chocolate.             Arthur and he went off to the studio of
Thomas, I kept on.   Home, where I found Price, up for
a period from the country.     To Paternoster Row with him, and               
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