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Text for Page 122 [07-25-1855]

sophisticate mish-mash of sour krout.    Dubious meat of gamey flavor
is bolted sans qualm, dishes of prunes and dried apples are half emptied
on single plates, and never a scrap appears left on table when the
ventri-potent Germans arise.  The women mostly affect the second
table, making a sitting room of the hatchway above the stairs which con-
duct to the fore cabin; where they simmer in the omni-present reek of
ever cooking dinners.     One of the Frenchman in our cabin has a re-
markably mouldy and mice-like smell.               I find that the original
mover of our Indignation meeting is a young fellow of quietly wide-awake
appearance, whom at first I�d supposed to be a traveller Londoner.  He
sports a glazed cap, a perpetual cigar, and decanter suit than is generally
worn aboard ship.   He�s Canadian born, has recently returned from Austra-
lia, where he�s been at the diggings, sold revolvers, and been engaged in the
riots there.   He remarked to me, apropos of Kansas and Nebraska
that it would pay to �run� a cargo of slaves, from Africa, just now.  He
may be 21, is spare in figure, and has a bit of mustache.       To con-
tinue my �Washington� portrait Gallery.   A thin, bright eyed Indiana
man, English only in birth and parentage, who since then has only once,
and that just recently visited the old country.  He has some land, a
wife and children, is shrewd and observant, and alive to the pecu-
liarities of English and American character.  He has a Tom Paineish
book, which he reads, tells me much of himself, and life on the Wabash,
and that his father is a deist.    He speaks nasally, started in life
self helpful, is well to do (though working hard for it,) and in intelli-
gence is above the average of his class.             A thin, tall, Irish faced
Texan, of Corpus Christi, who on the day of starting was conspicuous 
among the Germans.   He came out �on a spree� in the Washington,               
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