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Text for Page 134 [08-08-1855]

to have eschewed sack, and to live cleanly.     Strong is out o�town,
on the Cape Breton ocean-telegraph-laying excursion.    I have
written, and received a letter from Heylyn, at Rochester, he
inclosing his card as Architect &c.          Damoreau has called.
He is in treaty with an engraver about going to Cincinnatti; his
wife staying at Rhinebeck.
  9. Thursday.  Letter to Boutcher, to Mr Greatbatch &c.
To Post Office, Wall Street, Picayune Office (where were Levison &
Haney,) and to the Fulton stret room.   With the Wauds &
Sol Eytinge to Hoboken subsequently.   A clear summer�s night with
innumerable stars above, Will Waud doing the snob-mephistopheles
at them and creation generally, his brother and I rebuking him.
Sol Eytinge, a quaint, dissipated, good looking fellow (of whom
I�ll put down more hereafter,) said but little, only at the
close �Things don�t go right some how!�
  10.  Friday.  Yatman up.  He had two letters from Dillon
for me, said nothing about the �Phatman� expos�, told of his
winter�s doings, his soirees, classes &c, of his spending and owing,
much money, and of his �editing� a little Philadelphia insurance
paper.         To Banks� at even, O� Mana being there.     Met
Levison subsequently, and alone to Canal Street, there to call
on Damoreau and his wife, (she being in the city for a day�s
visit.)     Our talk ran on Charley�s Bond Street relatives, and
on Miss Brown, I, and Charley championing his sister, �
(sans result of course.)
  11. Saturday.  Swinton in.    To Long Island, and
Hempstead, as I had written to Mr Greatbatch�s, but he not               
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