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Text for Page 157 [10-18-1855]

Alf was settling up with the latter for an enormous quantity of
drawings on wood he had brought in, having devoted the last
three or four days unceasingly to it.     Levison was saying that
he�d filled every G�� d�� drawer in the place, and couldn�t
he bring a few more, and stow �em away in the garret.     Alf was
flushed with a sort of subdued triumph about it.   Haney sat
over account books, making out payments; Eyting and Will Waud
conversed together; and I seemed strangish among �em.   Levison
supposes Waud to be off for England.   Turned out with Alf,
accompanied him while he called at Robert�s and elsewhere,
then took a fragmentary meal, (I have no appetite now, and am
ever present neurologic-like pain the the forehead,) which and to Brady�s
down and up-town Daguerrian rooms, Waud being desirous of
acceeding to his �wife��s request for his daguerreotype before the 
proposed removal of moustache and whiskers.   At the latter it was
procured, I having a talk with young Brady, and also sitting
in the studio formerly occupied by Stone, now tenanted by
Brown.   Met Parton momentarily, just before parting with Alf,
near my door.     Throughout the whole time, Waud had been 
entirely, and engrossingly occupied with his own plans, expectations
and doings.   He had no spare word of sympathy or liking for me.
I believe there was an under current of boastfulness about the $30
or so he�d got from Levison, part of which, his debts paid, (or
some of �em,) will take him, and �wife� onto Boston.   Therefore
�twas necessary to work and acquire �em.     He was coarsish in talk,
and pronounced the photograph of himself to be �J��� C��� after
he�d been on a bust, and had his hair cut!�and a boy at               
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