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Text for Page 161 [10-27-1855]

the drawing rooms, then descending to supper, in the basement.
It was a plentiful one, with champagne accompaniment.    But
all assembled, spite of much joyless laughter, were very
dull dogs, most of the wit of the evening consisting in wretched
riddles put forth by Hitchcock, � one of which was abused, discus-
sed, quoted, commented on and galvanized for the space of nearly
two hours.    Mc Lenan made one or two good puns.   But the
rest were all very, very dreary.    Speeches were made, in which
the speakers bewildered themselves hopelessly, Leslie talking cock-
neyisms.     At 3 � I left them, walked through the night and
rain, thinking of much, to three blocks below the Crystal Palace,
then got a car, and down townwards; feeling very ill by the way.
  28. Sunday.  A bleak, raw, and gusty day.  Remained
in-doors till 1, breakfasting within, then out.    There had been
a rain shower or so, the sky looked yet threatening, though some-
times sunny.  To Grand Street, there making an unsuccessful
call at Whitelaws.   The wind blew fiercely, stripping the trees
of their yellow leaves, and tearing the canvas awnings and ban-
ners bearing the names of political candidates.     Thought intensely
of Sunday afternoon at home, and Chacombe.    Called in at
Bank�s awhile.  Dined at Ittners, then to Bleecker
Street, looking in on Sol Eyting and Will Waud. Learn-
ing that Haney had gone on to the Edwards�, I followed,
and entered the pleasant basement, where were children and
women, and kindly faces.   Had tea, and stayed till 9 or so,
then with Haney to Bleecker Street again, and presently to my
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