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Text for Page 167 [11-08-1855]

lager together, talking first on the lecture, and then of �Fanny
Fern.� (I had seen her in his company, on the first night
of the lecture, when, she appeared to me, an anxious look-
ing, woman.)     He told me she had expressed
a wish to be introduced to me, having noticed me in his com-
pany.      I talked as I think about that bad-hearted book
�Ruth Hall,� and he spake of the Willis blood as being bad,
but of her, with a leniency springing from personal intimacy.
  9. Friday.  Writing to my mother and sisters all day
long.  Down town to dine.   Saw Sol Eyting in at Wurzbach�s
in the morning.
  10. Saturday.  Writing close all day, save during the
time I went down town in the afternoon, to Post Office, looking
in at the Picayune Office, and seeing Haney on my return. (Levi-
son came in too.)         Found the Frenchman Baudouin in
Wurzbach�s office on getting back, and he afterwards came
in mine. Looks somewhat sleeker in face than in Canal
Street days, and has just arrived here after eighteen months
sojourn in France.         Writing till 12.
  11.  Sunday.  By 1 1/2 to Whitelaws, and after an hour
or so persuaded him and his wife to go for a walk, Hoboken-
izing.  The day, (like the two preceeding it,) a lovely one, sunny
autumnal, mild and regretful.         We kept along the
river�s side to the Elysian Fields, which were strewn �thick
as Vallambrosa� with the dead brown leaves.      Returning at
dusk, which occurs at 5, now, had a meal at Spring Street,
I quitting them at 8.       To Bleecker.  Haney and W Waud               
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