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Text for Page 191 [01-01-1856]

              January, 1856.
  1.  Tuesday.  Through the deep snow and pleasant
sunshine (which at once form cradle and benediction to the
new-born year,) to Partons, there to give him greeting and
a M S for our book.  A cigar together and walk round
Washington Square.  Returned to Bleecker, and had an
unsatisfactory day.   Levison had carried �Shorts� (as Sol
as nicknamed the minor Waud) off with him to make New
Year�s calls, Haney had gone (after 12) to the Edwards�
and only Sol and I remained.    Dinner was delayed till
6, Mrs Potter (our boarding house mistress) and others sit-
ting in state receiving visitors.     Levisons� inane, ungrammatical,
slanderous, fashion aping, vulgar minded wife doing the like
in her room, with her precocious, unabashed, everyway obnoxious
child abetting, and sharp eyed with respect to presents from
visitors.         Sol a little �blas�, or to use his phrase �knocked.�
I reflective on Chacombe and home.      To Edward�s in
the evening.  Parton not there.  Had gambols, but slavish
time of it altogether.
  2. Wednesday.  �Shorts� off for Norwich Connecticut.
Haney takes his bed, wherefore I have n the attic to myself.
  {3. Thursday.       Down to the old den once or twice for
  4.  Friday.}       things there left.     Writing the Phisiolo-
gy of Boarding Houses. Pretty closely at work.    Letters
from Greatbatch at Philadelphia.   Very cold weather.  Sol
drawing some little, loafing infinitely more.    Wood in frequently.
He is a whiskered, clean shaven, educated Englishman, who teaches               
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