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Text for Page 196 [01-10-1856]

to the skies, and half insulted me for a little truth about
the latter.     O�Brien cut Banks when he was poor.
  11.  Friday.   In doors all day. Ill; sore throat; nervous
again to a degree.   Very cold, the basement dark, and drawing
a misery.
  12. Saturday.  Down town twice, to do a multiplicity
of things, Tribune & Working Farmer Offices &c for Great-
batch, Post Office, Leslie�s, �Young Sam�, St Nicholas,
(where I saw Parker French, the one-armed Nicaragua en-
voy,) and Wurzbach�s.   From him I had two letters, 
one from George Clarke, the other from Hannah. � Now
God in Heaven bless her!
  13.  Sunday.  Bellew up in my room for an hour
or so, and the rest of the morning 
down stairs.   He dined with us.           I�m inclined to like
him, the more so on account of old prejudices.      In doors
all day .  Called at Edwards� in the evening whither I
found Sol & Haney had preceded me.   From there,
alone, to a newly opened Spring Street tavern, as promised
to Bellew.   Tis kept by a jolly looking German woman,
of whom he narrates anecdotes of her charity to poor fellows
in times past.   She helped Banks in his sickness. He, 
Bellew, Montgomery and others were there.  Stayed till 12.
     From the 14th Monday to the 19th Saturday.    I
have been subject to the horrible depression again, in conse-
quence I suppose of over-much staying in doors, and have
consequently had to resume long morning walks.   Haney               
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