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Text for Page 229 [04-12-1856]

persuing it will picture to herself her daughter,
still fondly loving her, on the point of becoming
a mother herself, and alone, but for the love
she has chosen.      If she will dwell on this
picture, and extend her arms in reconciliation,
and Christian forgiveness; if she will consider
the temptation and her daughter�s youth, and see
her again, not in wrath, but as a mother forgiving
the errors of her child, she will confer a heavenly
blessing.       If on the other hand she scorns that child,
and still desires to separate us, then if we have
committed sin, she too does wrng, and continues the
errors it were best to bury in the past.    I do not
stoop to ask this as a favor on my own account. I did
as I thought best to a great extent securing Mary�s
happiness.    She is mine for ever to love and cherish.
No purpose could be answered in separating us, only
by force might it be accomplished, and that would 
not long prevail.                      I know that people were
constantly on my track in N. Y.         I know also
that instigated by a vindictive old man, rowdies
have been sent after me to this place. As before
I baffled them.  If success had crowned there*
endeavours it would not have lasted long, my revenge
should follow, sure as night follows the setting
sun.      In business I am doing well, and likely
to compass a position of comfort and competence
                             (* Sic in M. S.)               
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