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Text for Page 051 [08-28-1856]

stream, getting to Palenville about half and hour be-
fore the rest of the party.
  29.  Friday.    All, in a big cart, off early for
a visit to the Falls, via Mountain House, our driver
being the performer on the �dulinner� before described.  As
we rattled along, talking, laughing and eating apples (of
which there was a substratum beneath the straw of the cart)
our driver picked up �the mail� � a small bundle of letters
� lying in the road.           Some circuit was rendered necessary
in consequence of broken bridges.      The day being fine,
the air cheery and bracing, we sped along merrily, by
fields of strongly smelling buckwheat, past land where
men were ploughing, and up towards the mountains,
sometimes getting out to explore a little fall, or to ease
the horses.             Halting at the halfway house, I saw
old Peter Schmitt, who at present keeps that place of
entertainment.   (I understand from Falk that the
old man and his son Lewis have quarreled, in conse-
quence of the former getting into a habit of general boo-
ziness, incompatible with his usefulness.)         The hut
was ornamented by Stone�s lithograph of the Falls,
published some two months back.          Though not
strictly faithful, and rather hugely wrought in point
of effect � he�s got midnight below, a storm coming on
and, woods on fire above � �tis, (thanks to the litho-
grapher) every way better than I had expected, and
so well done that Sol and Alf Waud�s chance is
smashed.      The project was, originally, Alfs but Sol               
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