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Text for Page 052 [08-29-1856]

has delayed putting it on stone so long, that this anti-
cipation has occurred.     At present a day and half�s
work would have completed Sol�s drawing.        Saw
Stone at the Mountain House.  Less fantastic in general
getting up, otherwise not changed.    Says he�s sold
plenty of copies of the drawing, and gave Haney and
myself one each.          But few fashionables at the
Mountain House now, some score, or less.     On to
the Falls.            Schmitt has a young bear cub � one of
the recently taken in the mountains � accommodated in
an open pen, adjacent to the house, where he con-
ducts himself after his nature, sitting up on his
hams and gazing with stupid patience at visitors as they
pat him or volunteer contributions.               Below the
second fall there has been a land-slide, rather mar-
ring the beauty of the little pools and cascades � this
one of the many disastrous results of the recent storm.
The stream, too, has so increased in volume that there
is no necessity for damming up and turning on the
water, as heretofore.           We staid an hour or so,
had cake and milk-punches and then left.          Schmitt
talked depreciatory of Stone, said he has sold by
four of his pictures (at the Laurel House) and
spoke of Webb and Welden.       Miss Ann, Sally,
Haney, Jack and I were rowed across the lake,
the carriage awaiting us on the other side.   Tis a
pretty lake, surrounded, to its margin with trees.
Got back to Palenville by 6.           The four before               
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