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Text for Page 074 [09-20-1856]

resumed talk through the hole where the stove-pipe
used to go.      I had, at her request, got her some
liquorice for her little girl � a very pretty but spoiled
child of four � and she put her hand through to
give me some.       One might write a novel version 
of �Pyramus and Thisbe� from this incident.    /
Down town in the afternoon, to Wells & Webb�s,
and to Strongs, there to leave �cawicachaws�.      He was
n�t in, so I got no $.      Looked in at the Pic
Office; met Walt Whitman near Fowler and
Wells, walked awhile with him, then on.  Passing
by Greene St was beckoned in by Selina Jewell.
Her mother and sister went to Catskill, as project-
ed.              Saw Wood for some ten minutes in the
basement, with Sol.   During the latters temporary
absence, the former told me that Covill had
discovered whither Allie had been conveyed � to a
Brooklyn hotel � took her back to New York, and
when Sol presented himself the landlord �blew him
up like h__l� for bringing the woman to his house.
Wood had gone over, yesterday, to pay the bill.
  So ends the great Elopement of Allie Vernon
with Sol Eytinge � if it end here.
  Writing (the preceeding six pages) during the eve-
ning, and now to bed.
  I think Haney had no furtive object in his
intimacy with Allie.       He had erred in thinking he
could wash dirt with cleanliness.               
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