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Text for Page 091 [10-22-1856]

fond of him, and would recline in his arms
before her mother, Selina, or myself, fondling
him.       But she would say and do little wilful
and defiant things, annoying her mother.     Alf
carries a dirk � a blunt affair enough, but I sup-
pose it might �do for a man,� (as Mercutio says),
and she (Mary) got hold of it and made lunges
at her mother till Mrs Jewell was provoked and
squalled.      Then she � the daughter � said of Brain-
ard �Served him Right.�   She had spars, too, with
Selina.      Alf, of course, took her part and was al-
most rude occasionally.     She went our with him one
night to get oysters and champagne, having set her
mind on it. (Some few days after Selina met
Brainard face to face near the spot they had
visited.)     The servant, a large-framed cockney
woman, devoted to Alf and his �wife�, but prone 
to manifest her authority in a very despotic manner
backed him in antagonism to the family.       She
came into the room, when we three were together and
said to Alf in a trunculent tone, though whispered
�I with she was home!   Take her away from here!�
This woman, bye the bye, left them on Wednesday
for Norfolk, Virginia, and her man.        She was
zealous and fond of the baby.      A healthy and
jolly looking little baby it is too � poor little bastard.
They are both fond enough of it, but Alf �gets wild�
at times, on account of its exactions from the mo-               
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