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Text for Page 097 [10-27-1856]

if ��
  Dear Hannah!   How kind and good, and
pure you are!   And oh!  how unworthy I am of
  She has grown very much in thought and
feeling.     I always thought highly of her individual
character, but was not fully aware of it depth.
I am content at heart with my choice.
  Little Rosa Bolton would willingly play off
with Charley, in favor of Hartley.   Charley�s
�short temper� contrast unfavorably with the good
humor of the other � who proposed to her (so
Hannah reports) last winter.           Were Charley
jilted, I think he would suffer more from wound-
ed pride than affection.      Little Rosa liked him
because he was the only eligible fellow who came in
her way, and generous to boot.       He liked her
� because he wanted to like somebody.
  Hannah�s cousin and suitor wears the willow
still.       Oh well! he can�t have my darling!
  {28.  Tuesday to       Boutcher writes heartily,
  31.  Friday}       though at present he�s
out o� sorts on account of home matters.   His
sisters affair � she�s going to get married to a
fellow Boutcher don�t like an inch of � keeps
him from St Martins le Grand.     Jack too, his
brother is, as heretofore, behaving like an ass,
and an ill disposed one; dipping into the old               
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