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Text for Page 103 [11-07-1856]

at nights.
  8.  Saturday.  As heretofore.
  9.  Sunday.   In doors al day.
  10.  Monday.  Bellew has taken a house
in 27th Street, wherefore he gives up the office.
  11.  Tuesday.  Down town calls.   Met Royal.
Drawing close � for Bellew and my book.
  Lotty is in New York.  I see �Arthur Alleyne�
and �Mrs Alleyne� in the newspaper announce-
ment of the approaching opening of Laura Keene�s
newly built theatre.
  12.  Wednesday.   Drawing in room.  Bellew
come at night.    With him to his new house.
A very cosy and handsomely furnished one.    Saw
Mrs Bellew.     Up stairs in his room � cigars,
talk and gin and water.
  13.  Thursday.  Finished big drawing of
Hygeian temple for quack Radway.    To Weed�s
house in the afternoon.        Bellew called in the
evening.    Out awhile with him; made an unsuc-
cessful call at Jewell�s and then to room.
  {14. Friday.       Drawing, writing and occa-
  15.  Saturday.}       sional rushes down town.  Letters
to Waud and Dillon, illustrating book &c.
  16.  Sunday.   Kelly came in the afternoon,
sat up in my room awhile and made me his con-
fidante about a love affair he�s in .   Girl in               
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