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Text for Page 162 [02-22-1857]

but a silent inclination of the head.      It was an
invitation that we should do a little comfortable bit
of hypocrisy together.          I do think kindly of
poor Levison, but out upon this cowardly, clamorous,
short-lived excess of grief on one hand, and this
cant of emotion that is not felt on the other!
  There�s something inherently untrue all through
American life and character.         Parton supposed
Haney likely to marry that woman � knowing, too,
that Haney knows what her nature it.        
  I was carried away by his judgment of Walt
Whitman, despite my own thoughts.   When Walt
told him, �on his honor�, that he � the Author of
�Leaves of Grass� � had lived a perfectly chaste
life, that staggered my faith.           I had doubts
before.   Now I know that I should have held
to my own judgment.
  By Jove, I�ll do so hereafter uninfluenced 
by the whole crowd of them.    And I�ll believe
no better of their intellects or natures than they 
deserve.          I can stand on my feet as firmly
as any of them.       I know as much, and am as good.
  23.  Monday.  Drawing till an hour before
sunset.   Then down Broadway to the Park, in
company with Rawson Gill.        In the boarding-
house parlor, talking with a Miss Brooks in the
evening.     This girl and her mother are compa-               
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