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Text for Page 229 [09-18-1857]

sort but morbidly, as ten years ago, tells me he
has �more faith in me than anybody he knows� and
thinks me �the most matter of fact of men.�    This
letter was written not in answer to mine, which he
could, hardly, have received.
  19.  Saturday.  Drawing.  Down town after dinner.
Dismal equivotial rains all day.      Boswell�s Johnson.
  20.  Sunday.   A dull, equinoctial drizzly
day, clearing up towards sunset.   Loafing over the
papers till evening; then wrote article for Pic, and to
Edwards� whither Haney & Cahill had preceded me.
I found only the latter, Parton having called and taken
off Haney.
  21.  Monday.  Down town.      Matagrabolized, sick
and sad.   Writing at night.
  22.   Tuesday.   Writing and drawing till evening,
then with Haney to the Broadway theatre, to see Mathews
in �Mr Affable Hawk.�  The Edwards� there.    Drenching
rain storm on leaving; up town in omnibus wth about twenty
  23.  Wednesday.   Drawing for Nic-nax.   Down
town by 5 and with Haney to Parton�s.   Supped and spent
the evening with the girls, Parton being in New York and
�Fanny� keeping her room.       Dyer came, and went up
to see her.   /     Returning, had got to bed when Cahill
came in.     He had been to the theatre, and presently began
to talk how he had engaged himself to take �a lady�to
see Charles Matthews, and how he expected it would cost               
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