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Text for Page 008 [10-02-1857]

  2.  Friday.  New boarders, hot plates fur the first
time in twelve months, and the old woman (Mrs Potter�s
mother) under orders to wear her best cap. / Letters from Alf
Waud and Barth.          The former writes that �Mary��s health
is worse.   She has a slow typhoid fever, and is in quite
a dangerous way.     An old woman, whom I remember ap
pearing at table, when in Boston, committed suicide by
taking laudanum, and this excited Mrs Waud.       Alf has
secured a nurse.       He, too, is confined to the house, having
crushed his toe with a 30 lb weight.          He wants me to com-
municate with Mrs Jewell.   I�m exasperated to think that
I can�t, not knowing where she�s got to.     /     Barth
commences his letter with a sad item also.      Mine found
him beside the dead body of one of his children.   He explains
his slackness in correspondence as originating in his being
out of luck and spirits.           Couldn�t get a living at practi-
cing physic, achieved a clerkship on some public works
at $78 a month and rent-free house, which he lost in con-
sequence of the works stopping.  He proposes a book in con-
junction with me.         Won�t do.         Thus I�ve received
three letters with sickness and death in them, in two conse-
cutive days.                Letters arrived from Hannah and
from Boutcher.                She writes as kindly, as truly,
as lovingly as ever.              With her sister and little
Gazey she has visited Brighton.                      There�s news,
too, of others.     William Bolton is a tyrannical
brother and is �talked about� as the father of               
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