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Text for Page 023 [11-03-1857]

a thing that looked like a wooden mace but was intended
to �puddle� punch.   The day was sunny, chill and dusty but
very exhilarating and we were all in high spirits.    Arrived at
�the stairs,� after much chaffing the driver as to the breach of con-
tract implied in his not making the horse draw us up, we
mounted, lugging up baskets, bottles and demi-johns.  Gaining
the top, not without drinks by the way, we rambled amid
the rocks and trees, presently finding a capital spot for our
pic-nic.    It was rather precipitous in front, pretty well wood-
ed in the rear, and three or four monstrous boulders of rock
formed a natural chimney, where we soon had a huge fire
crackling, leaping and roaring.      Everybody went gathering
fuel � of which there was plenty � for half an hour, then got
to eating sandwiches and promiscuous loafing till Cahill came
� with no news of Bellew.       Jumping matches followed, and
by, I suppose, about 1 o�clock we all went to dinner.   There
was enough and to spare.     O�Brien had bidden his landlord cater
for him, and the man had put up the roast fowls, the major
part of a ham, pickles, bread, condiments, a gallon of cold-
whiskey punch � as strong as raw spirit � and a bottle of brandy.
We � I and Haney � brought a leg of lamp, pies, cheese, apples
&c and a half-gallon of Edwards� gin.      Arnold produced sand-
wiches, pickes and Monogahela whiskey.    There was no beer or
liquor one might partake of without danger of speedy intoxication
� hence the disasterous results which ensued.         We had just 
commenced the attack on the edibles when Sol Eytinge appeared,
and was, of course, greeted with uproarious cheers.          Well; all
fell to.    I think Haney was one of the first who showed symptoms of
inebriety.   His face flushed, his eyes sparkled, and he talked               
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