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Text for Page 035 [11-26-1857]

woman, a reporter for the Express, named Farrel, a
young man who came with him and said little or nothing, Miss
Griffin and myself.          Altogether a pleasant day.     Returned at
about 8 1/2, in company with Mr & Mrs Carpenter � Miss G.
remaining on the Island.   Haney and Cahill over at Thomsons
and Partons.
  27.  Friday. Drawing hard all day, from 9 to 10.
A note from Swinton asking for $2 balance due for some
cuts I sold of his.   Sent it.
  28.  Saturday.  To Bellew�s, and down town with him.
I to Wurzbach�s old room in Moffat�s building, to get certain pictures
of mine.  To Pic and Nic-Naz offices.                   Major Piercy came
up in the afternoon and would have me go out to see premises he
has hired, corner of Bleecker & Broadway � where he�s going
to establish a restaurant and liquor saloon!     He came up again
at night and there was some boxing in Haney�s room.
  29.  Sunday.  In doors till evening, then to Chapins.
  30.  Monday.  Drawing.  At night to 31st Street.
  1.  Tuesday.  To Harper�s with lots of drawings.  Got
paid $54.
  2.  Wednesday.  At evening with Cahill and Haney to
visit Clapp, a newspaper man, living in this street.  A sort
of literary soiree.  O�Brien, Bellew, Piercy, Arnold, Whelp-
ley and Wilkins (of the Herald) were present, with a Mr
Delanno � the only non-literary man present.  Pipes,               
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