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Text for Page 065 [02-01-1858]

  1.  Monday.  Down town with sketches to Harpers.  Hither
and thither, met Rawson Gill, Wurzback, saw Woodward
in at the printing office, went to Frank Leslie�s, saw
Sol Eytinge, thence to Harpers again for blocks (five) and
up-town with Haney.      Wrote to Alf Waud.
  2.  Tuesday.  In doors till the afternoon. Drawing, writing.
Cahill informs me that he is a spiritual medium, and gives an
account of his development �as sick� at Arnold�s, t�other night!
  3.  Wednesday.  In-doors till evening, drawing and nervous.
With Haney to �Hope Chapel� intending to hear Lola Montez lec-
ture, but the place was already filled.   So went to Edwards�.
The talk ran on the feeling entertained by this country towards
England.  I hold it to be antagonistic, and think when English-
men try to believe the reverse they indulge in a mischievous delusion.
No country loves England, but she�ll hold her own in spite of
them, for she is better, braver and freer than they are.
  4.  Thursday.  To Pounden�s office, and, hearing that he was
sick, to Brooklyn.  Found both him and his wife in seperate
beds, though in the same room, she having been prostrated for a
fortnight, by a horribly scalded foot.  Pounden bilious and quin-
sied.   Stayed till near 4, went to their doctor, and then retur-
ned to New York, meeting Parton & Fanny by the way.   Tired
out, hungry and nervous to a painful degree.   Dropped in at
Edwards �and Jewells at night.
  5. Friday.  Out early.  To Harper�s, Pic Offie, Pounden�s.
Still abed, he better, wife worse.   To Doctors again and returned
to New York.       Ill and trying to draw the rest of the day.               
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