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Text for Page 103 [03-18-1858]

from thence crossing to Brooklyn.  Stayed at Parton�s all
night, sleeping on the sofa in Jim�s room.
  19.  Friday. A true summer day.  Called at Thomson�s,
seeing him and �Chips.� Mort spake of the break off with Eytinge�s
womankind.   Allie, calling had been treated civilly and coldly,
so she wrote a note demanding the reason.  As on a previous visit
she had dropped some hints of her position, saying she �had been unfor-
tunate,� but she �believed her heart was in the right place� &c �
Mrs Thoson availed herself of this, said inquiries had ensued
with a result &c, regretted &c � so the matter�s ended.   I think
Mort must have known Allie�s position, as Haney told him of it posi-
tively.   But, probably, he let his wife and mother drift into the inti-
macy before he had expected it.   Sol thought he winked at it.
  Return to New York.  Swinton called in the afternoon.   Wanted
to borrow money to make up taxes.   Spake of Banks having
owed him $10 or so for a year and a half � can�t get it of
him.  Also he spake of Leslie (Frank), his dodges and difficul-
ties.  How the steam was cut off, once, stopping all his presses,
because he hadn�t paid up.    Wurzbach is working for Leslie.
  Apropos of another, and a very different Leslie.  He has retur-
ned from Philadelphia an �engaged� man, and now writes
letters to Miss Bella Farr every alternate day! � studying them
out, too, at great cost of time and brain labor nocturnally.
  20.  Saturday.  Down town, Leslie�s, Pic Offices &c.   Met
Wurzbach and Banks returning. Somehow they�re a couple who
seem to suit each other. Wurzbach with his odd, indefinite nature
� a little flawed, mentally, I think � likes to have somebody to
talk to him, and though he blazes into rage occasionally at Banks
insolent brutalities, he finds satisfaction, on the whole in listening               
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