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Text for Page 126 [04-21-1858]

Still, having used up all the people in her new boarding-
house and got intensely detested there she comes to visit
Mrs Levison.   Mrs L is learning French and the guitar.
The music master being present on one of Mrs G�s visits sang
in a manner which Mrs G thought �beautiful.�  So she worries
Mrs L to know when he�d come again.   Mrs L told her at
3 P.M. yesterday.    Now yesterday was the wettest, most dren-
ching day conceivable, yet sure enough, at fifteen minutes
past the hour in comes the draggled widow.   In order to save
one cent she had taken rail-car instead of omnibus, walked two
or three blocks, only to arrive � too late.   Mrs L had purposely
named the hour at which her guitar lesson concluded.  Presently
Gladdy came to fetch her home � having stayed behind to get
his lunch out of the boarding house � also wet through. �Why
didn�t you ride?� �Why, you know, ma, you wouldn�t give me
the money!�  This boy she pretends to doat on, and he has
some internal disease, they say enlargement of the heart.   I have
hear her scold him for running up stairs too fast.     Well,
after borrowing a quarter dollar Mrs G went off.    Presently
a Frenchman, one of her fellow boarders, calls with a car-
riage and manifests much excitement on learning that she
has gone. (She had left a message at the boarding house bid-
ding him follow � telling Mrs Levison, too, that she had run
away especially to avoid him!) �What a fool she does de-light
to make of me!� says the miserable dupe of a Frenchman!
  Mrs L gave me a note for Haney, which I took to him.
  22.  Thursday.  Down town.  To F. Leslie�s.   Old Powell
�looming up burly and large� like Micawber, for whose
portrait he sat, in the office.    He gave me but a sulky               
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