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Text for Page 128 [04-22-1858]

very hospitable if you went to see him and used to
cut jokes at his wife�s expense all through dinner.   He�d
write articles in the Lantern containing some point which she
only would understand, and tell you of it, chuckling, as
an extraordinary joke!    Generally he�s productions were aw-
ful bosh; full of feeble, inevitable puns, cumbrous familia-
rities and old stories, which he revamps again and again.
You can trace him through innumerable miserable struggling
newspapers.    When he came to this country, in, I think, 1850,
he got out a volume of �Living Authors of England� in which he
vilified Dickens and ranked him as inferior to Cornelius
Mathews!    Whereupon Dickens wrote a letter to Gaylord Clark
of the Knickerbocker, denouncing Powell as a forger and a swin-
dler, which Clark printed in the Knickerbocker.   That killed
Powell�s career in this country.    He commenced � or said
that he did � law-suits against Clark and the Tribune, which
reprinted or commented on Dicken�s letter.   Also he lied against
Clark and Dickens in the most malevolent way.   This is
the worst of the man, otherwise, though he�s an incurable
dodger one would rather laugh at than condemn him.    I
fancy his sow has a touch of Wilkins junior in him, though
I don�t know if he has �a fine head voice�.    He is very
shifty, with a hankering after engraving.    So much for the
real Micawber as I know him.                 Sartain of Philadel-
phia, who gave me a job in 1849, came into Frank Leslie�s
while I was there.           To Brooklyn by sunset.   All about
and jolly.  Miss Jacobs is in Boston en permanence or for a 
year or so, to learn a trade � dressmaking or appertaining to
it.    Wells is back at Hoyt St.  While talking of him after sup-               
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